Do you know who you are? Define your personal power statement today

Who you are is something to consider when you are stepping up and out into the world as the empowered woman you are.  Identity is so key to you being able to achieve the success you want, and deserve in life and business.  So how would you respond if I asked you to tell me who you are in just one sentence?

You might be wondering why I am asking this at all.  Well, if you are not clear who you are then it’s highly likely that you are not clear in other areas of your life.  You might not feel as though you have authentically embraced yourself but as long as you have a vision about who you are and the potential person you might become you are on your way to definining a clear identity

During the month of November I’ll post a new article each week tackling the ins and outs of identity and providing you with some simple, creative and effective strategies to get clear on your own identity starting with today’s first tip – the “I am personal power statement”…..

Creating a personal power statement is a such an effective thing to do.  It provides you with a way to define yourself from an empowered perspective, as well as a statment you can share when someone does ask what you do

To really get the most of this little exercise I want you to take a moment now and stand up.  Imagine you are being asked to share a little about yourself.  Imagine I am a reporter and I am asking you a series of questions.  You feel confident and passionate about what it is you are describing.  I’m now at the final question… are you ready?  here it is……

“Creative Goddess, I’d like you to finish the following statement for me – “I am……”

Now take a little time if you need to and think about how you will answer.  With a big bold confident voice finish your “I am personal power statement” now

Congratulations, you have just taken the first step to defining your identity and getting clear on who you are.  How does that feel?  amazing I bet!!  I’d love to hear what your statements are so please share them below and then keep a look out for next week’s post

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