Education Is Key! :: Marketing Made Easier Video

Marketing Made Easier :: Education Is Key

Have you ever consciously thought about how you share your knowledge or expertise with prospects, leads and clients?

Do you even share your knowledge, skills and expertise within your marketing and client engagement strategies?

Education is key if you want to demonstrate how you can genuinely help someone – which is really the core of business.  Your services or products are designed to offer a solution to something someone is seeking.  It’s really that simple.

Marketing!  It’s that thing that as a small business owner you know is the difference between surviving and thriving.  The thing is, it doesn’t have to be as challenging and overwhelming as you think it is.

In this installment of Marketing Made Easier I’m sharing the third of 4 steps in the marketing formula, step 3 Educate.

Today I share how you can educate your market / prospects / ideal clients and the reason to educate them.

As a business coach and marketing strategist I hate nothing more than seeing small business owners struggle.  Week to week my tips are shared to help you make marketing easier so you can lead a thriving business.

As a business consultant and marketing strategist I work closely with service driven entrepreneurs, teaching you, guiding you, coaching you and supporting you to understand the basics of marketing to thrive in your business and life. A business that is a reflection of your core strengths, aligned to offer the best of you to your ideal clients, is a business set up to thrive.

I’m the founder of the digital business magazine for women, Totally Thriving and the curator of the rapidly growing Facebook Group, the Thriving Entrepreneur Circle

Looking for connection, support and fun? come and join us!

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