Effortless Goals

I love writing goals.  It’s something I have always done but I’ve come to realise that many people struggle with the whole process of defining and then working towards meeting goals.  This struggle seems to be heightened when the it’s something you’ve been procrastinating about

I know some of you reading this post might not even be goal writers and I know that might be simply because it feels or seems all to difficult.  That’s just a perception.  I know it’s real for you, but I also want you to know that goals and achieving them can be more effortless than you’ve been imagining

Why write goals?Goals

  • Goals help you to gain clarity
  • Goals define your vision
  • Goals give you something to work towards
  • Goals provide measurable steps to complete
  • Goals keep you on track

How to write goals?

Goal writing is a creative process.  With our passion for things being easy, effortless and limitless we want you to think and act that way too.  Here’s a simple outline detailing the key elements to goal creation to help you with your goal writing.  Ensure your goal is simple, succinct and includes the following elements;

  • present tense, as though it has already happened
  • dated
  • written in the first person – using ‘I’
  • measurable – numbers of sales, figures relating to income or profit for example, number of times something is completed
  • includes how achieving the goal will make you feel
  • ends with the phrase “this or more” so that it’s always leaving it open to achieve more than you detail or expect

Once the goal is written print it out and post it somewhere you can read it regularly and then underneath the goal write one step each day you can take towards making it a reality.  Small steps, when added together can and will equal a big leap.  When it comes time for your goal to come to fruition you’ll be able to look back and say “wow, that was easier than I thought!”

Get to it!  write out one goal for something you’ve been procrastinating about getting done and date it for the end of this month

Until next time I wish you a limitless life filled with succulent, effortless success


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