Effortless Success Project Day #11 – Expanding Your Vision


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To anyone who knows me it’s no surprise that I am a big picture person.  I quite often am looking out into the horizon of my hopes and dreams and thinking, being and visioning into the future.  I’m not talking about tomorrow, next week or next month.  I’m not talking about next year or the year after.  Most often I’m dreaming in the space many years away and I love being there.

When I was writing my book and defining the 12 personal leadership archetypes that I see in women I realised very quickly as I was writing about the Visionary Creator that I was writing about someone I knew intimately.  She’s the big picture, forward thinking, expansive part of me that loves to dream and to imagine just what’s possible.  I am incredibly grateful that she is so strong and generally over-rides any part of me influenced by fear.  I know that not everyone is blessed to be able to think, do and be visionary.

So how can you expand your vision?

Do you need to expand your vision?

What are the benefits of an expanded vision?

Here’s my answers to these three important questions.

How can you expand your vision?

The ultimate question I hear when I talk about being more visionary or expanding your vision.  How?  There really are so many ways.  To be honest the first step, in my experience, requires some play and dreaming.  As adults we often forget how to play and have fun.  We allow ourselves to get limited, to believe we can’t or shouldn’t or won’t.  These beliefs are often driven by fear.  Remember FEAR is False Expectations Appearing Real!  that is all.  Set aside some time daily or weekly to day dream, to paint, to play with a child’s game, to draw with crayons, to read a fairy tale, to explore and get curious and to just be.  All these things will help you to expand your vision and remind you that you already know how to dream.

Do you need to expand your vision?

Well as a bit of a visionary thinker, do-er and believer my obvious response is yes!  I know that for some people looking at this afternoon, or tomorrow is far enough into the future.  When you can get over the fear that is holding you back and limiting you from dreaming and visioning you’ll find greater inner freedom and likely be more optimistic and motivated to more forward into your future.

What are the benefits of an expanded vision?

There are, in my experience, many many benefits to having an expanded vision.  I would have to say one of the greatest benefits is being able to imagine and see different perspectives and possibilities.  When you do that you are automatically more likely to be in an expanded state and open and available to take up opportunities that are just right for you.  An expanded vision is generally hopeful, optimistic, encouraging, innovative and offers a sense of promise of something better.  Sure you’ll hear about people who have trouble being grounded and staying in the here and now but having an expanded vision doesn’t make you an ungrounded dreamer.  Instead it can give you motivation to take action to move towards your dreams.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s sharing.  Until next time I wish you succulent, effortless success

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