Effortless Success Project Day #18: How To Get On With It

Procrastination.  It can be a killer of so many things.  If you are a procrastinator (we all are with something I think!) then I hope you’ll enjoy today’s post about how to overcome procrastination and take action.

masked procrastinatorHave you ever had something you think you want to do.  It might be a project you want to finish, a new venture you want to start, progress on something that you thought was important to you and yet for some reason when you sit down to spend time doing that ‘thing’ you find every excuse under the sun to avoid it.

Instead you think about doing it.  You spend time writing out a plan or list.  You think about why you want to do it but you just don’t do it.  Strange that.  You really want this ‘thing’ progressed or finished but it doesn’t happen.  You are convinced it’s important to you but you still don’t take action.

Why does this happen?  I could spend all day hypothesising about why but I don’t necessarily think that would be that helpful so instead here’s a couple of things you can do to dive in and take that imperfect action without further delay.

1. Break It Down To Bite Sized Pieces

I find that with so many things procrastination strikes when the ‘thing’ we want to do seems, for some reason, to big!  You may have heard the sayings ‘you can’t move a mountain in a day’ and ‘how do you eat an elephant? one bite at a time!”  Both refer to the importance of taking what I like to call baby steps. When things seem too big (even if your rational mind knows it might now be) you’ll more likely feel overwhelmed and then less likely to take action.  So find a way that works for you and break whatever the ‘thing’ is into baby steps.  Small, little steps that you take one at a time.

2. Reward Your Results

It’s a curious thing that as humans we are motivated by reward for out efforts and our results.  So why don’t you decide what you’ll reward yourself with when you achieve whatever it is you want to do? Think of something you absolutely love.  Something that makes you feel fantastic and like you’ve achieved something important and then use that as your incentive.  I know when it comes to submitting my quarterly tax documents I easily fall into the procrastinator role.

Why?  I think it is because I find data entry tedious.  That’s the honest truth.  It’s important for my business and wealth growth and I love seeing what has been achieved in my business but I just don’t get excited about data entry.  So I find I get everything out.  I organise my finances file.  I remind myself how to lodge the form.  I schedule the time to do it.  Sometimes I end up cleaning my office.  Sometimes I end up doing something else I love.  Sometimes I even day dream!

All this doesn’t help me.  It just makes me feel worse.  So this quarter I’m going to set up a new reward for myself and tackle the job in smaller bites and see how I go.

Right now I’m off to do something I find easy to do…. spend some time at the beach with my family!  (I am on holiday after all)

Until next time I wish you succulent, effortless success

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