Effortless Success Project Day #22: How To Build An Inspiration Tribe

When I first started out in business I feel very blessed to have been able to be supported by an amazing coach who really helped me to set the right foundations for the growth and development that has followed, both personally and professionally, over the past nearly 4 years.  When I am supporting my business coaching clients I am often reminded of the different things I have learned over this time and of those early learnings.  It is common for me to hear my clients asking the same questions I know I asked and I feel genuinely honoured to be able to talk with them and work through challenges, plan for success and be an accountability partner as they take action and achieve their business and life dreams.

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Just recently I was reminded about a particular thing my first business coach asked me to do.  At the time I thought it was a strange thing to ask when at the end of one coaching session she said, “please have the names of 5 people you’d love to meet, love to pick their brains for their knowledge and expertise, and love to hang out with as you grow your business.”  I did what any well meaning, committed client would do and I fronted up at our next call with my list of 5 names, eager to find out what this was all about.

I remember as we chatted about these individuals realising that they were what I now call my Inspiration Tribe – the virtual support team I think about, connect with and allow myself to be inspired by as I go about my day.  In times of challenge or uncertainty I have found myself asking “what would this inspiration tribe suggest I do if we were to gather in a counsel?”  and I’ve allowed myself to listen to the responses, trusting my intuition and taking action on what felt right for me at the time.  Doing this falls into my passion for succulent effortless success and releasing the ‘hard’ or belief that it has to be hard to get a result.  You can read more about that in my previous article ‘Are You Ready To Release It All Being Too Hard?’

Want to know who made my list back then?

Leonardo Da Vinci

Walt Disney

Maya Angelou

Joan of Arc

My Dad!

I’ll tell you more about why in tomorrow’s installment of the Effortless Success Project and over the coming days share with you some of the other people, both past and present, who inspire me the most.

Until then I wish you succulent, effortless success

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6 thoughts on “Effortless Success Project Day #22: How To Build An Inspiration Tribe

  1. Benson Wong

    That’s a good way of seeing if one will move towards accomplishing his or her goals. After all, you are your five closest friends. If that’s not the case, then it’s time to find new friends that will help move you towards your goals.

  2. Tamsin

    That’s a beautiful idea – having one’s own Inspiration Tribe. I’ll work on mind and put pictures of them on my vision wall to remind me of the path to follow!

    1. Shannon Bush Post author

      Tamsin glad you liked this. Hope you had fun coming up with your tribe. Great idea to add them to your vision wall too! always great to have a visual reminder
      Wishing you succulent, effortless success

  3. Ray

    Interesting idea. I am going to have to give this some thought. I can see how this might be something that will work for me. Thanks!


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