Empowering Your Visions

VisionI’m going to make a wild guess and say that you have some big visions for yourself and your life, right?
Are you sure?
Think for a moment and allow yourself to open up to the possibility that your visions, clear to you right now or not, do exist and when you allow yourself to connect with them you feel pretty excited. The thing is they’ve been buried somewhere deep inside you for a long time. Your visions for yourself and your life are real and they are important – they need to be listened to, not buried

How do I know this?
Because I’ve been where you are right now

I am a real creative visionary. My life has always been filled with big bold plans and succulent dreams for myself, my life and the people I love the most. One day I got to a point in my life where I couldn’t deny those plans, those dreams, the potential outcomes and the Creative Possibility any longer. I decided that it was time to take action in a big way

What did I do? Well the next part of the story might sound familiar. I say that because I have heard it many times from many people. I resigned from a job I enjoyed very much, but one that I knew wasn’t part of my true journey and I took the biggest leap of faith I have ever taken. I decided to start my own business

Fast forward to today and I’ve been living the Creative Possibiliy dream for nearly 2 years. In fact in March of next year it will be officially 2 years since I finished up my job and actually launched Creative Possibility

That’s all, just 2 years. The thing is it feels like a lifetime. What I’ve experienced and where I am at is mind boggling if I really stop and think about it. Every day I am energized by the opportunities that I see before me. I am continually excited by the possibility that is evident all around me. I am grateful and joyous. I wouldn’t have it any other way, even on those days when things don’t turn out as planned (yes I do have ‘bad’ days! I’m human after all)

The difference between my story and the stories I hear all the time is that I took action and I have perservered. I believed in myself and listened to my truth. I made a decision, asked for the support I needed, allowed myself to receive it and kept going in a forward motion, one day at a time, bridging the gap between those long held dreams and the reality of living them every day. I’m not telling you this to brag or make you feel bad. I am telling you this because I want you to dare to take action and empower your visions for yourself in 2012 and beyond

Don’t be the person who limits yourself and denies yourself from dreaming for fear of the dreams not coming true. Isn’t it better to have a dream, a big stretchy, scary dream and almost meet it than to not dream, or deny yourself a dream, a goal, a vision at all?

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