Engagement Is Where It’s At :: Marketing Made Easier Video

Engage Your Clients :: Marketing Made Easier Video

Engagement is so essential when building a community, a tribe, a collective, a circle.  If you want to grow your business and work with amazing people who want the great services you have to offer then learning to engage your clients is one thing you can’t miss.

When it comes to marketing, there is an easier path than you think to connect with your ideal clients, prospects and even your existing clients.

The second step in the 4 step marketing formula is ENGAGE!  This is all about considering what you share – your copy, your images, your headlines, taglines and even your self – are you sharing with the intention of engaging?

Are you showing the people you’re reaching out to that you actually understand them?

Engage your clients, or engaging your ideal clients is about just that – being genuinely engaging!  Find out more about them.  Show you do understand.  Be genuine, be real, be someone of service.

As a business coach and marketing coach I often talk to clients and prospects (people interested in getting genuine help) about how they can be more engaging.

After you have “interrupted” and got someone’s attention, being engaging is the next step.  It shows you know and care when you do it right and let’s face it, you didn’t go into business to do it wrong.  Or at least I hope you didn’t!

As a business consultant and marketing strategist I work closely with service driven entrepreneurs, teaching you, guiding you, coaching you and supporting you to understand the basics of marketing to thrive in your business and life. A business that is a reflection of your core strengths, aligned to offer the best of you to your ideal clients, is a business set up to thrive.

I’m the founder of the digital business magazine for women, Totally Thriving totallythrivingmag.com and the curator of the rapidly growing Facebook Group, the Thriving Entrepreneur Circle

Looking for connection, support and fun? come and join us!

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