Finding Our Inner Strength For Outer Contentment

Today I was invited to spend some time with some very special women as part of a week of celebration in this, the week that we saw the 100th Centenary of International Women’s Day occur on 8th March.  I was a guest speaker at the ‘Strengthening Women” event hosted by the Ishar Multicultural Women’s Centre here in my home city
In preparing for my presentation and thinking about how, as women, we can best connect with our inner strength I contemplated a lot of different possibilities.  No matter how much I thought about what to say there were 3 key elements that stood out to me as essentials to cover when speaking with the 60 women who were participants in the weekend event.  Embrace these 3 elements and you’ll be stronger on the inside and happier on the outside! These 3 key elements stood out so strongly that I wanted to share them as part of this week’s article for you


1. Self Belief
Believing in your self is one of the most empowering things you can do and one of the key elements of inner strength.  When you have self belief I believe you also have focus, direction, determination, resilience and the ability to make things happen
Self belief is an attainable attribute for all women.  Sometimes you need to look within, to the very essence of your core, and to find what it is that holds you together and then give yourself permission to live from that place, from the place of self belief

2. Daily Creative Expression
You may already know that I’m a big believer in daily creative expression.  There are so many benefits to be gained from expressing yourself in some creative way each and every day.  As a woman you are naturally creative; you have a wonderful gift of expression that is all your own.  Honouring, celebrating and connecting with this gift of expression daily gives your brain, your body and your soul time out from the left brained world in which we live.  Time out to reflect, refresh and generate new ideas and ways to respond to the activities and tasks that make up your day

3. Celebrate Your Differences
By celebration I mean really, live, genuine rejoicing at what it is that makes you the woman that you are.  It’s the differences in which we can find our greatest strength and in our commitment to sharing those differences with other women in celebration.  When we strive to be just like the next person we still might have some inner strength but in my personal experience it doesn’t lead to feelings of happiness and contentment.  We are not like the woman standing beside us and nor should we strive to be.  We are individual, unique and different.  Be brave enough to share your differences with other women, leading by example as you shake off the constraints of conformity and express the freedom that comes with the permission to discover and be YOU, the perfectly imperfect YOU that you are!

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