“It is those who concentrate on but one thing at a time who advance in this world. The great man or woman is the one who never steps outside his or her specialty or foolishly dissipates his or her individuality” ~ Og Mandino

In this crazy world of busyness we exist in it can be all too overwhelming trying to find our focus.  There are so many things demanding our attention.  In your quest to be a great woman, actively living your creative possibility, it can be a challenge to know where to focus your energy, your time, your resources, your money and more.  You become overwhelmed and then the more overwhelmed you are the harder it is to find any focus and to even know which track you are trying to stay onIf you are currently feeling like there is just too much to do and you are struggling to find your focus then you could try some or all of the following to help you get back on track to take supportive action in line with your speciality or individuality, the magic that is you.  I know when I do these things I watch my days become and feel so much more productive

  1. Take your daily or weekly ‘To Do’ list and instead of just seeing the entries as a whole lot of things that need to get done take each item and write it out as a prioritised action.  Your list then turns from words on paper to a meaningful action plan, prioritised so you know what to give your attention to first! Then just focus your attention on one thing at a time, and one thing only
  2. Set yourself a daily intention that captures your primary focus, or priority for that day and that day only.  Remember we are just working on one focus at a time.  There might be many things to do to fulfil that focus but the important thing here is that it’s just one focus and it’s a focus that has meaning and purpose for you and the life and business you are creating
  3. In a broader sense, review your goals and be honest as you ask yourself “Are these goals serving the woman I am today and the life / business I am creating?” If the answer is no then it’s time to recreate your goals ensuring that they are a reflection of your speciality and individuality, or your natural brilliance and creative gifts if you’d prefer to think about it that way

Next week I’ll share more on the power of goal setting and share with you one tool I use to set and take action on your goals without going into overwhelm

Until then I wish you an incredible week and encourage you to do one thing each day to support your passions and purpose by living your creative possibility

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