Focusing The Creative Mind

As a creative woman and business owner I often get asked by other creative women, both business owners and those with the entrepreneurial streak who want to start their own businesses how I focus my creative mind and stay on track to achieve the life and business goals I set myself

Lucky for me that I have a mind that not only is expansive and fosters my creativity but that can also be very focused, determined and action oriented when I need it to.  Many of my clients and other women I meet say that they too can be focused, determined and action oriented but not as often as they would like to be.  So how do I do it?…..

There are a few different things I do to help me achieve this state and stay on track rather than getting carried away with the crazy brain that can sometimes be the brain of a creative person

Here’s a few tips;

1. Plan your day
I spend about 15 minutes first thing each day reviewing what I have scheduled in for the day.  I look at the time I then have available outside of appointments and meetings and slot in activities that need to be completed based on priority
2. Prioritise
A basic time management technique is to set a priority for all that you need to do.  This needs to be a simple, straight forward process that doesn’t end up taking up too much of your valuable time.  Rather it’s a support tool to ensure that you get what you need to finished and can move onto the next task feeling confident and focused
3. Take regular breaks
I try and take a few minutes each hour (or every couple of hours if I’m in a meeting or with a client and can’t stop) to stretch, breathe and look away from the computer, book, or whatever activity I am doing.  If I am having trouble focusing I usually review some of my affirmations, my plan and priorities and am gentle with myself as I get back on track
4. Have a note book or sketch book with you
Everywhere I go I have a note book or sketch book with me.  That way if I get any of those crazy brain ideas (the gems!!) I can quickly and easily write down a few notes to come back to at a more convenient time.  That way the thoughts aren’t lost.  I’ve also been known to use the notes function on my i-Phone on the odd occasion when I’ve been caught short without my note book!

Love to hear what you do to focus your creative mind.  Please add your comments and feedback below

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