Getting Ahead in Advance: Plan, Start!

I have to say that it’s certainly ramping up to the busy time of the year for many of us.  The clients I have been meeting with the past few weeks are feeling the challenge of trying to juggle increasing workloads, demands of customers and clients and then to add to that the demands on personal time as we approach the holiday season (5 weeks today until Christmas!)

A question I am often asked is “How do you get ahead of the game and stay sane at this time of year?”  or “How do I get through now and still feel motivated when it comes to the new year?”

Both are amazing questions and I want to answer them with my thoughts and some feedback about what I do to get ahead in advance

The key point to that last statement was ‘in advance’ – getting ahead is, for me, all about planning ahead and making the most Creative Possibility Planningof the time before the busyness hits in your business, life or job.  It’s not about trying to get by.  Getting by can leave you feeling incredible unmotivated as you’ll likely get over tired, over whelmed and feel very over worked.  That all leads to being ‘over it!’

Wouldn’t you rather sail into your busy season, whether it’s now or at another time of year, feeling excited, refreshed and raring to go?  I know I would

So what to do

My biggest piece of advice here is to plan!  and yes I mean plan ahead.  Don’t wait until you’re too over it to start planning.  Do it now.  Plan for how you’ll manage the coming weeks and how you’ll start the new year.  If you’re in business don’t wait until January to set your goals for next year.  Start now!  If you’ve got a personal goal you want to achieve don’t delay it any longer.  Start now!

In the coming weeks I’ll be hosting a couple of live training calls where I’ll walk you through some steps to help you get ahead in advance for the coming year.  I offered similar training sessions last year and they were very popular so be sure to check your in-box for details to sign up soon

If you’re looking for more inspiration to boost yourself and your effortless success why not check out my newly launched radio show Creative Possibility – The Limitless Life.  Episode 1 with Catrice Jackson as my guest is available for download as a podcast now

Until next time I wish you a limitless life filled with succulent effortless success

Shannon xx


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