Tracking Your Wealth Growth = Growing Your Wealth

Wealth Growth Insight Business Coach PerthHere’s another of my favourite wealth growth insights for you!

My private coaching clients are required to submit an accountability journal each week.  It’s a way for them to review and reflect on their progress, learn from their experiences and focus on the action to take in the coming week.

I love reading these journals when they arrive in my in-box.  Sometimes I’m sure that my clients think I skip over them, but I wouldn’t get them to do something and send it to me for the sake of it.  That goes against my philosophy of doing less to achieve more.

One key area of the accountability journal is Wealth Growth Tracking. 

Growth is the underlying foundation to success in my opinion.  Without growth you’ve got stagnation which, being the highly visual person I am, conjures up a stinky image of stagnant water.  Nasty!  Wealth growth is one of the four core growth areas I work with my clients to define and use as a guide to achieve their goals.  I call this the Effortless Success Framework.

The other focus areas are business growth, expertise growth and self growth.  They are equally important.

Wealth growth is an essential aspect of the Effortless Success Framework.  Your income is one key component of wealth growth, along with other things that make you wealthy.

It’s ok to want to grow your income.

Without it you can’t do more of what you love and create a life you really want for yourself and those you care about most.  Those business owners who get the best results when it comes to growing their income are those who track it.

Tracking your wealth growth doesn’t have to involve some complicated financial formula.  It’s as simple as following these steps.  The challenge is often in being consistent.

When I was completing the Money Breakthrough Method TM coaching certification program I remember my mentor saying, “if you don’t pay attention to money, it behaves like a cheeky toddler.  It hides, it eludes you, it vanishes, and it throws tantrums.”  I thought she was being a little silly at the time but over time I came to understand what she was saying.  So do yourself a favour and get excited about wealth growth tracking.

Step 1:  Set a goal for the coming month on the last day of the previous month.

Step 2: Every time you have money come your way (income, gifts, winnings, vouchers, spare coins in the washing even) write down the date and the amount and add it to your previous total.

Step 3: On a weekly basis determine the % of your monthly goal you have achieved to date.

Step 4: Work out what’s still to be earned to meet (and potentially exceed) your goal and then write down three things you will to do in the coming week to move me closer towards achieving your goal.




Step 5:  Take action on those things starting immediately!

Step 6:  Celebrate your achievement at the end of the month, no matter the outcome.

Some months you may not achieve your goal and other months you’ll smash it.  Don’t focus on what’s not working, instead let that motivate you to step up next month and even the playing field.  You owe it to yourself.

Until next time,  I wish you succulent, effortless success

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