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Struggling to connect with people on social media?

Here’s 3 tips to make the process easier

The world of social media can be overwhelming and it can quickly feel like you are lost in a very busy crowd.  The key to connect with people on social media starts with understanding the basics of marketing and connecting with your potential clients or customers.

If you don’t know who your ideal client is then that’s the first place to start.  There is absolutely no point marketing to people who are not looking for your products and services.  That is just a waste of time.

connect with people on social media | business coaching Perth

While you have the potential to be the centre of a great community of people who could benefit from your products and services there are so many things that change on the social media landscape that it is easy to become overwhelmed.

I see many business owners investing a lot of time trying to master social media and getting little or no results as return for that investment.  It is often because they are trying to master the platform rather than applying good solid marketing strategies and techniques.

3 Tips To Connect With People On Social Media

1.  Know Your Ideal Client

I have already hinted that this is key.  It is the first step to marketing.  It is part of the process of developing your product and / or service.  It would be a terrible waste of time to develop something that you are really excited about and then discover that no-one seems to want it.

It’s such a shame when a brilliant product is wandering out there in the world searching for people who want it.

Know your ideal client so you can actually speak to them, their needs, their desires, their issues and challenges when you are communicating through your chosen social media platform.  It creates instant connection.  You’re aiming for someone to feel like you know them intimately!  The first time someone says “It felt like you were talking directly to me” you know you’ve nailed it.

2. Choose Your Social Media Platform Wisely

When I first started my business one of the wisest things someone said to me was “Choose one social media platform that makes sense to you and master that instead of trying to master them all. Once you’ve achieved that choose one more and do the same.  That’s enough!”

This advice has always stuck in my head and has been my guide for social media as a marketing strategy in my business.  Back then I chose Facebook as my first platform.  While I established a presence on Twitter and LinkedIn I focused my attention on Facebook as my main platform.  I knew my ideal clients spent time there and I learned where so I could connect with them.

Since then the second platform I decided was best for me was Instagram.  As a visual thinker and creative it makes sense to me.  I love it and it makes it easier for me to connect with people on social media when I love the platforms I am using.

Bonus Tip: Be Present And Interact

Now that you have decided where to invest your time ensure that you dedicate some time each day to be present on your chosen platform and actually interact with your connections.  Start and contribute to conversations.

It doesn’t have to take you hours a day.  Work out when your ideal clients are interacting with your page on Facebook for example (look for your insights) and show up then if you can.  It is about making it easier for yourself to connect with people on social media.

3.  Use A Social Media Plan As Part Of Your Marketing Plan

Planning should be a key part of your business growth strategy and a marketing plan forms part of that.

Part of your marketing plan should be a social media marketing plan.

Having a plan and following it is just smart business.  Be smart about your marketing and plan to connect with people on social media.

Interestingly enough I read an article just last week that stated “More than 80 per cent of Australian small businesses and 37 per cent of large enterprises do not have a social media strategy, the 2015 Sensis Social Media Report has revealed.” (you can read the full article here)

This statistic worries and alarms me at the same time.  I’ve spent hours and hours and hours working with clients to create all sorts of plans for their business and believe me when I tell you that planning and action to implement your plan are the difference between you just surviving (if you are lucky) and thriving!

You can get all sorts of great plans on-line so do a search and find one that makes sense for you and feels easy to follow.  New ones are offered by social media marketers all the time so instead of recommending something I suggest you do a search for yourself.

how to connect with people on Social media | business coaching Perth

While I have a great passion for teaching marketing strategies to small business owners I do not claim to specialise in social media marketing.  I do though have an incredible contact who does this.

Professional marketer Sarah Thomson, founder of Online Social Butterfly, teaches small business owners and their employees how to apply marketing basics to a variety of social media platforms.  She is dedicated to staying up to date with the latest trends which means the advice and support she provides through her training, online programs and blog are high quality, current and relevant. Sarah takes the confusion out of social media marketing!  You will learn how to connect with people on social media and market and grow your business.

If you’d like to know more about Sarah’s work visit (I know Sarah personally but I do not get a kick-back or payment for referring you to her work.  I do this because I know she’s the best and have experienced this first hand!)

Ok get planning and have fun with your social media.  Until next time I wish you abundant effortless success

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