How to stay in the moment, expansively and authentically; avoiding the fear, worry and other stuff that holds you back

Over the past few months I have been putting a lot of new and amazing tools into practice and am starting to see some amazing results in all areas of my life. One of the key messages I got early on was that it was important to focus on being in an expanded state of mind; authentically and enthusiastically aware and open. Now the problem for most of us is that this state of mind, or mindset, is not our natural state. In fact it is more likely to be the opposite; a mindset that is literally grounded in fear, worry, terror, anxiety, struggle and more. If you have been there or are right there now then you know what I mean. It’s not a nice place to be and doesn’t support you in creating a life you love…..
As a coach and empowerment specialist I made a committment to myself to lead by example and empower myself and my business with the right tools, methods and techniques that really do place each and every one of my clients in a place of personal power. With so many people struggling day to day just to stay afloat I wanted to find out how to really authentically embrace that expansive feeling in a way that makes it the dominant state of mind

I’m not going to be unrealistic and expect that my clients can stay in this state of mind all of the time. I make that comment because I am honest when I say that I can’t maintain that myself. It’s not natural when we feel challenged by something, fearful or anxious, to also be in a state of gratitude, optimism, expansiveness and so on. We are just not made that way. What we can do is to become aware of our state of mind and learn how to move from the closed, fearful state back into the open and expansive state with ease

How do you do this? Well I got a great tip from one of my mentors. She suggests that each and every day we aim to do things just 1% better than we did the day before. I apply this principle each and every day. With this intention set firmly and reinforced in the way of a goal I read to myself each morning, I have found it easier and easier to live more in the moment, expansively and authentically. When fear, anxiety and their friends show up at the door I acknowledge they have shown up, thank them for making the effort and then ask expansive, authentic and their friends to support me on my quest to make each and every day just 1% better than the day before

I know it sounds simple, but it works. That’s why I wanted to share this tip with you. It’s also one of the key principles behind my new Program. Too many of us are bogged down with mo.ney related worries and fears – in fact in my experience it’s mo.ney related stuff sitting at the route of so many of the challenges we perceive on a personal and professional level. The breakthrough program will enable you to heal your worries and fears with mo.ney and other things once and for all. It’s the perfect gift you can give yourself and will go a long way towards you achieving your 1% each and every day with ease

If you give this tip a try then I’d love for you to come back and share your experience by adding a comment below. As you do so you are supporting yourself, your journey to 1% and helping the other amazing women who gather here

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