I Am One And I Can Make A Difference!

“I am only one, But still I am one.
I cannot do everything,
But still I can do something;
And because I cannot do everything,
I will not refuse to do the something that I can do”
From The Book of Good Cheer : A Little Bundle of Cheery Thoughts (1909) by Edwin Osgood Grover

Happy Monday beautiful creative Goddesses!

I wanted to share this little passage I came across about a week ago as a reminder how important it is that you do the something that you can do to make a difference.  In fact to make THE difference.  This little ‘cheery thought’ reminds me that even though we cannot do everything, we CAN DO SOMETHING and it is important that we do the something we can do in this lifetime

In the past week I’ve reflected on the past few years or so as the most recent chapter in my journey to arrive at today, working with my unique creative expression in the world and helping other inspiring and amazing women to do the same.  Why is today the day I have chosen to look back?  Well today is a special day for me… it’s my birthday!  It’s therefore the perfect day of the year to remember what it is that makes me the person I am ~ the one who has chosen to do the something that I can do and to celebrate that with those I love and those who have shaped my life


Birthdays are all about celebration.  They are the one day a year when you can really indulge and make it all about YOU! Whilst I’m the biggest advocate of daily celebration of the things we are grateful for, on our birthdays I think we need to take our celebration ritual to a new level and honour the women we are, the journey we are on and what we are creating in this life.  As well as birthday’s we have lots of other celebrations and rituals throughout our lifetime but do we really acknowledge their significance?

I’ve included this photo from my christening as, aside from the day I was born, it was probably the next most important celebration of my arrival on this earth.  It’s not too difficult to guess that it was the 70’s!  I love the picture and all it represents and I look back and wonder if that little cherub had any idea of the path her life would take

I’ve proclaimed today “I Am One And I Can Make A Difference Day” for each and every one of you!  I want you to celebrate what it means to be you (and not just save that for birthdays) and to make a choice to be the one that you are and to do the something that you can do ~ to make THE difference you are here to make.  Every choice I’ve made in my life, every path I’ve walked, every new door I’ve opened and old door I have closed has led me to this point in time; to doing what I can to make THE difference.  I could have refused (through fear, overwhelm, not believing in my value, etc) to do the something I can do.  Instead I made a choice to be the one that I am and to do the something that I can do

Happy ‘I Am One And I Can Make A Difference Day’ beautiful creative Goddess!  Make a choice, be the one and share your difference making ‘something’ with the world – there are soooo many people waiting for you

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