Innovation Challenge 2: What Is Your Big WHY?

imageWhen was the last time that you thought about why you do what you do? Whether you are a woman in business, have a job working for someone else or are a woman exploring and playing with her creative side you have a WHY behind everything you do

If I were to ask you now why you do what it is you do what would your answer be? Do you know why you strive to achieve the goals you set? Why you focus on and take action to move yourself toward greater happiness, more personal freedom, abundant prosperity? There is a reason and that reason, the big WHY is an important one for you to be really clear on if you are going to reach the outcomes you seek for your life (and business)
When it comes to finding motivation, achieving outcomes, having purpose, being a creative woman with direction and conviction there is one little thing you need to be really clear on

It’s the WHY!

Without clarity on the why it’s likely you’ll feel confused, dicouraged, frustrated and totally overwhelmed. You might even find yourself going around in circles chasing your tail trying to get things done, never being sure what it is you should really invest yoour valuable time doing

When you set a goal, an intention, create a vision, focus on an outcome and the end result doesn’t end up being what you expected how do you feel? I bet you feel disappointed and even want to go to that place you hide when you need to nurture yourself. Women, in my experience, feel such an incredible depth of pain when they’ve put something they have created out into the world and it’s not been as well received as they hoped it would be. What I tend to find is that the creation and the why are not aligned

Take yesterdays defined vision and using it for inspiration answer the following question;

“Why do I do what I do?”

Within your answer you may find a whole new kind of inspiration and that’s exciting. Use that inspiration and expand the vision you got clear on yesterday, aligning it to your why in a big bold way. Dare to be extra-ordinary!

Wishing you succulent, effortless success,


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