Inspired To Inspirer: The Gift Of The Inspirer Believer Leader

Lead-HERThe word inspiration has, I believe, a certain quality of inspiration about it. When I hear this word or it’s sisters, inspire, inspirer and inspired, I get a sense of expansion and possibility. I have never met anyone who has not been inspired at some point in their lives. My question is though, how do you go from being the inspired one to the inspirer; the one doing the inspiring?

There are many many people in our beautiful world who are natural inspirers. They have the gift of inspiration, coupled with the gift of belief. Belief in others and most importantly belief in themselves. Without that belief I feel that the inspiration has a tendency to lose it’s power. It gets diluted by self-doubt, in-congruence, diminishing confidence and the message of inspiration just doesn’t have the same glow about it

To embrace the Inspirer Believer leadership style is not something difficult. It is, in my mind a simple formula of 100% self belief, 100% belief in others, 100% openness to be inspired and 100% commitment to share your knowledge, experiences, gifts and personal magic with your community, be that your immediate friends and family or on a visionary creator global scale

What inspires you the most each day and how can you take that inspiration, coupled with the belief that if you’ve been inspired others may be too and share that with the world? go forth Inspirer Believers and share your message with heartfelt conviction… the world is waiting to hear from you

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