Is it Too Late To Follow Up?

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Follow up.

Something super important that often gets left off the to do list when it come to client engagement. The question is, why?

If following up is something we all know is important, why is it one of the biggest things that gets missed, either deliberately or accidentally in the process of engaging with potential, existing and past clients?  Awesome question.

Part of understanding if it is too late to follow up is understanding why we hesitate to follow up.

Why do we resist.  Why do we procrastinate about it and do everything but… follow up!

Well I’ve got a bunch of theories about why and I’m happy to share some of them now.

It starts with exploring the “too long” theories;

It’s been too long since I connected with them and they will think x, y, z so it’s too late to follow up…

Really?  Will these people truly think x, y or z about the fact it’s been days, weeks, months or (god forbid) years, since you made contact with them.  Probably not.  They just want to hear from you.  If they don’t you’ll be able to find out and take action based on that feedback.  But to be honest, most people are just happy to have some sort of contact.   It’s never too late.

I don’t know what to say because it’s been too long so it’s got to be too late to follow up…

This is an easy one to fix.  Start by telling people what’s been happening in the business, what’s new in the industry, something that they will find valuable.  Be open and honest about the length of time since you connected.  No point hiding the fact.  You’re human and sometimes, for a whole bunch of reasons, a little bit too much time goes by between connecting.  It is what it is.  Don’t let it stop you from taking action now.

I feel silly contacting someone after so long so it’s got to be too late to follow up…

Ok let’s just start with the very beginning of this statement.  It’s YOU who feels silly (or embarrassed, or weird, or salesy, or any ol’ thing…) NOT necessarily them.  So get over yourself and follow up!

Following up can really be the difference between staying where you are in business and moving yourself forward and into the success you really want and deserve.

So don’t keep letting excuses and your own discomfort stall you from taking action.

Make a list of the top 5 to 10 people you want to follow up with and the reasons you want to make contact and make it happen.  Send an email.  Make a phone call.  Send a card even…. just follow up.

Love to know what you think about all of this, so do pop a comment in the space below and feel free to share this article with your peeps.

Until next time…. wishing you a whole load of totally thriving!

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