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Here’s my latest article for one of my big business loves, my digital business magazine, Totally Thriving.  If you’d like to devour the full 26 pages of delicious goodness then you can get on the list right here. Hope you enjoy my article…

The Key To Magnetic Marketing

Every time I write my piece for Totally Thriving I find myself faced with a long list of possible topics to share with you.  This month I wanted to share with you one of the things I share in Market To Thrive, my signature mindset, marketing and personal leadership program for women entrepreneurs.  So get yourself comfy, grab a fresh cuppa and get ready to read about Magnetism, the energy that sits behind something I like to refer to as Magnetic Marketing.

So you know what a magnet is right?  Something that attracts something to it.

There’s a pull process in play when magnetism is around, an attraction that brings two or more things together.  Think about how powerful a magnet would be in your business marketing toolbox, a magnet customised to attract your ideal clients your way again and again.

How delicious would that be?

Well one thing I want you to know is, creating this sort of attraction is totally possible.  It’s something you can do again and again, allowing you to continue working with more and more of those awesome people who are so ideal for you – people you can truly work with, experiences where you can totally make a big, positive, juicy difference.

How do I know this is possible?  It’s something I’ve created in my own business and something I’ve just witnessed 10 gorgeous Market To Thrive graduates create over the last few months.  It all starts with the right marketing foundations.

To be honest, it really is as simple as really understanding your ideal client, how to connect with them and how to show up consistently in a space of value first. It is about understanding your why, your purpose and your message and then staying connected to these things (that I call my Business Philosophies) and then using a plan and strategy to support you to show up, take action, stay motivated and energised “doing your thing!”.

Honestly, we make so many things so much harder and more challenging than they need to be.  I used to be like that and sometimes I still fall back into the “got to work harder to make a difference” trap I used to be in.  Don’t get me wrong, experiencing effortless success is not about no effort.  It’s about setting yourself up to leverage the effort you put in so that things can and do become easier.

Marketing does not have to be one of those difficult, horrible “have to’s” in your business.  It really can be fun, exciting, motivating and the thing that leads to more of your ideal clients heading your way… as if you had a magnet attracting them to you again and again.  Don’t know about you but I totally want more of that.

If you’d like to know more about this mysterious thing called “Magnetic Marketing” and you’re intrigued about how to learn the art of creating a magnificent mesmerising ideal client engaging biz then I’d love you to join me for my webinar on July 21st!  It’s free, it’s content rich and it’s for you in marketing is something that’s on your “I’ll get ’round to it one day if I can only understand what on earth it’s all about” list!

Read more and register for the free Magnetic Marketing training webinar here.

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