Leadership Archetypes; A New Empowerment Paradigm For Women


First identified by Swiss Psychologist Carl Jung, Archetypes are simply models of people, behaviours and personality.  Jung dedicated a great deal of his professional and personal life to understanding human nature and in particular the ‘Collective Unconscious’.  It was within this collective unconscious, a deep part of our unconscious mind (the ‘subconscious’ as it’s also referred to) that he believed a range of different archetypes existed.  The collective unconscious is where, through connection with our individual archetypes, we can embody an inherited, universal set of standards and beliefs

When mapped back to the myth and stories that have existed since the begining of time, such as the myth and stories of Gods and Goddesses from around the world, archetypes provide us with a powerful way to understand ourselves, how we function and grow, how we build and maintain relationships and best of all how can be our brilliant selves with ease simply by knowing our innate strengths and integrating all aspects of what makes us who we are.  Archetypes provide us with an illuminating and enlightening way to know and express who we really are

Never before has there been a model that focuses on the significance of leadership archeytpes.  Following years of experience working with archetypes and deep, soulful in-depth observation of what makes a woman take ownership and step up as the leader of her life, Shannon brings you a unique, fun, exciting opportunity to know yourself better than you ever thought possible.  With that knowing and Shannon’s expert guidance you’ll discover a framework for leveraging your personal innate archetypal strengths so that you can achieve more than you ever thought possible with great ease, free-flowing freedom, personal satisfaction and pure joy

Join Shannon at an upcoming Effortless Success Seminar and discover how you can unleash the power of your Leadership Archetypes

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