Leadership Is Not Just For The Workplace Or Business! It’s For Life Ladies!

When I first realised that leadership was what I was intensely passionate about I did what I always do as a Mentor Teacher and I started researching and reading as much as possible on the topic.  I’ve always thought of leadership in terms of how it relates to us across all areas of our lives.

What I discovered when I conducted a Google search was that most (I’d guess 95% or more) of the references when you search the term leadership return a whole bunch of different results that link leadership to the workplace and business only.  That disappointed me greatly.

Leadership is about your life.  It is not just something that happens at work or in your business, unless you let it be limited to those parts of your life.

I’m not sure when I first began the intense research but I know that early on I found a determination to focus on personal leadership as my ‘thing’.  While I am passionate about a lot of topics (like creativity, education for girls and women, small business success, living a life you love – just to name a few), I have definitely found my calling, if you like, focusing on personal leadership as my key topic of choice.

This has resulted in the release of my first book, Personal Leadership Style: How To Lead Your Life With Effortless Happiness, Confidence And Purpose and I am really excited that all over the world there are countless women reading it right now.  I want every woman to realise that you have significant influence over what happens to you in your life, each and every day.  When you can know who you really are and your real strengths you are equipped with confidence that helps you to make better choices and then to take action on those choices in a way that leads to your life being genuinely fabulous.

I hope, that over time, you are inspired by my enthusiasm and passion for leadership in all areas of your life.

Until next time,  I wish you a limitless life, filled with succulent, effortless success




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Shannon Bush, the Creative Possibility Coach and best selling author or Personal Leadership Style: How To Lead Your Life With Effortless Happiness, Confidence And Purpose, connects women to deep self understanding and acceptance by uncovering their unique Personal Leadership Archetypes.  When you know who you are you know your natural strengths and how to use them in your life, your career or your business to take back control, make confident choices, create valuable opportunities and live with greater ease.  Dare to believe in you.  Dare to be the leader of your life and watch succulent, effortless success flow your way.  www.creativepossibility.com.au


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