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I make no apologies for my obsession with marketing. Absolutely none at all. There’s no point. There’s nothing to apologise for really. It is what it is. Just like marketing itself.

I find it intriguing that it’s this mysterious, overwhelming enigma of a thing for many people. To me, marketing is about something really simple.

Marketing.  It’s about relationships.

It’s about building them, growing them, nurturing them, honouring them and leveraging them.

Actually I’ll go as far as to say marketing is about building exceptional relationships.

It’s an essential function of business and great marketing is the difference between consistent, sustained growth and stagnancy.  If marketing is about relationships, then the question to ask is “how do you create these exceptional relationships?

I’ve got a 4 Step Marketing Formula I have shared before that talks through one way to build relationships, but here’s my other suggestions; my “lean in” approach.

You’ve probably heard of the book Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, published a couple of years ago? It is, in a nutshell, about women being more confident, bossy even, and leaning into the business world, rather than moving away from.

It’s about knowing who you are, being totally proud of that and getting involved in the action.


Doing this – being a part of the action and engaging in conversations, learning, sharing, interacting, connecting, ACTIVELY is also creating relationships.

It’s not as hard as you may think.

At first it can feel totally overwhelming, sure. I’ll admit to that and also admit to the fact that I am often super happy that things like selfies were not such a thing when I started out. Now I’m starting to sound like a biz granny!

Hardest thing is getting started I reckon. So start with little things. Set yourself a challenge to post a story online or to write a blog. Be a little bit personal in your business. Take and share a selfie on social media.

Be brave. Be curious. Be daring. Be BOLD. Be fierce. Be smart. Be Bossy. Be anything that feels right and energising and effortless.

It can take practice, confidence, hits and misses. Most importantly it’s about you having a go.

Lean in. Try it out. Share more. Ask more. Answer more.

Be present. Be seen.

Be you.

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