Leverage Your Strengths With These 3 Powerful Tips


As I get clearer and clearer about my own core strengths and how to lead from them daily I felt it would be beneficial to share a little with you about how you can leverage your own strengths, something critical if you’re going to be the leader in your life, career or businessFirst though, let’s look at the term strength and define what we mean by personal strength.  It’s more than just being strong and more than just being good at something.  True personal strength comes from something you are naturally good at that also energises you.  Confused?  Let me elaborate

We all have things that come naturally to us.  Skills, traits and attributes that are seemingly easy.  We don’t have to work at them.  Do they make you feel fabulous when you’re using or engaging with them though?  I’m going to take a guess here and say that there are things that you’d add to a list if you were asked to detail your strengths that you are good at but that you don’t really like to do.  Am I right?  If I am then that’s not a strength for you.  It is something you are good at, but that doesn’t mean you should be engaged with or using it all the time

Today I have for you 3 of my top tips to leverage your unique, authentic, personal strengths;

1. Strength: Define Your Personal Strengths

First up you need to know what your personal strengths are.  It’ll be really difficult to leverage something you don’t know anything about.  So get out some paper, or a new page in your journal and write out everything you’d consider a strength of yours.  Then get out a coloured marker and highlight every single one that actually energises you… you know the ones (hint – they make your heart sing and bring a great big smile to your face when you think about spending time doing them).  These are your real, authentic personal strengths

2. Trust: Give Up Anything on Your List That’s Not Really a Strength

So often we hold onto something because we think we have to.  Well today I give you permission to give yourself permission to release any former commitment you had to holding onto anything that made your first list.  Holding onto these things is just getting in the way from you taking action and leading from your unique personal strengths.  Trust yourself more.  You can give up the ‘stuff’ that’s not serving you, so go ahead and do it!  (Hopefully it’s easier than giving up chocolate)

3. Focus: Make a Firm Decision to be Your Own Supportive, Unconditionally Loving Advocate Every Day

Today I had the absolute pleasure of speaking with Barb Wade, an inspiring coach who featured as the first guest expert on my new virtual weekly series, the Empower Hour.  I asked Barb what the one thing was that she’d done that was a reflection of her embracing and leveraging her personal power to be the balanced, wholistic, feminine entrepreneurial leader she is today.  Her answer was brilliant and is something I totally agree with so I had to share it as my 3rd tip today

Make a firm decision to be your own supportive, unconditionally loving advocate every step of the way on the journey that is your life.  No matter what.  Even when things happen that aren’t so great, or the voice that’s distracting you from staying focused, or telling you it won’t or can’t work.  In fact especially at these times

Be your greatest fan and head of your cheer squad every step of the way, each and every day.  If you do this you’ll be able to embrace yourself and focus on celebrating your courage, persistence, gifts and personal strengths daily and leveraging them will just happen with effortless ease. Love it!

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