LOE 003 – The Power Of Mindset In Marketing w/ Shannon Bush | Podcast


In my first solo episode I hone in on the power of mindset in all things marketing and business. Calling on my years of experience as a coach and mentor for small business owners, I’ve learned a thing or two about mindset and it’s impact on us. The great news is that thanks to the awesome study of neuroscience we know that we can can actively change our mindset.

What does this mean for you in business? It means if what you’re thinking, feeling, believing and acting isn’t working, it CAN be re-framed and changed for the better. That’s the power of mindset!

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Notable Quotes

“Just a few little words, well crafted and asked with the intention of creating ease – of bringing the core of law of effortlessness right back to me instantly – I simply ask “How Can This Be Easier?”

“Mindset underpins every single thing we do”

“Habits, behaviours and beliefs can be hard to change, BUT one of the most powerful things about being human is we actually CAN change – if we give ourselves permission to!”

“You can exercise your ability to understand, question and rewrite your world view”

“Marketing and mindset – what impact does how you think and what you believe about marketing have on you and your business?”

“Marketing as simple as sharing what you do (products / services), a little bit about why it’s important (benefits) & inviting someone to join you (offer)”

“Push will wear you out. Pull is far more magnetic and energizing and fun and inspirational. Pull leads to drive. Drive – what pulls you in – pulls you forward – pulls in a way that action is easier? Motivation is easier. Effortlessness is easier. Everything in your business, your marketing is easier”

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