LOE 032 Start Up Marketing Success with Sian Burton

LOE 032 Start Up Marketing _ Sian Burton

Join us in Episode 032 where your host Shannon Bush talks with Sian Burton from New Vision about start up marketing success. Sian talks with Shannon about how she started her own business after she left the corporate world when she became pregnant. Shannon and Sian talk through the very real fear of starting your own business; what comes up, what challenges arise and how to move through them.

If you struggle with marketing in your business then this episode is a treat for you. You know Shannon’s all about marketing, well Sian has an extensive marketing background and these ladies are on the same page with many of their beliefs, even though they work in different ways and work with different groups of business owners. As they share, marketing can be really simple if you get the fundamentals in place. Firstly, know who your clientele, customer or client is. When you are confused about who your ideal client is, the market is confused as well. And as a result, a confused mind takes no action. Shannon and Sian muse over the importance of networking and in particular meeting face to face.

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