LOE 056 | Effortless Business Events Take Over | Owning Your Expertise | Shannon Bush & Sarah Thomson

Welcome to another Effortless Business Event’s Take Over of the LOE Podcast, episode 056, featuring Sarah Thomson – today Sarah and Shannon are talking about Owning Your Expertise, something many entrepreneurs struggle with, including Sarah!

Sarah shares a secret in what holds many people back from owning their expertise and handling comparison. You’ll also hear about Shannon’s experiences in her first career as a Registered Nurse before getting into Business Coaching, and her first Mentor’s message on comparison and competition.

This show turns into something of a confessional, with words of wisdom and experience from both Shannon and Sarah exploring the importance of maintaining a healthy mindset, self-confidence, and giving yourself permission to be you. Stay tuned to the end for a little exercise to help you grow your mindset and own your expertise!


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Notable Quotes & Pearls Of Wisdom

“Everyone is on a different business journey.”

“Even with all my experience and qualifications, I struggle with owning my expertise sometimes.”

“The world needs different voices.”

2 thoughts on “LOE 056 | Effortless Business Events Take Over | Owning Your Expertise | Shannon Bush & Sarah Thomson

    1. Shannon Bush

      Thanks you for sharing Julia! really appreciate your feedback. There’s a new episode been released today and will be more with Sarah in the future so I hope you tune in. Have an amazing day, Shannon


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