Love to Connect With Others? You Are a Natural Networker Connector


A Netwoker Connector hey?  Well you have a very engaging personal leadership style indeed!

As a Networker Connector you have a genuine compulsion to bring people together and with that you have a unique ability to connect all sorts of things (people, opportunities, outcomes).  With a canny ability to expand your sphere of influence by forging alliances and making connections amongst vastly different groups of people you are a natural messenger and communicator

With your natural weaving skills she can literally weave a web of connectivity, bringing people, resources and opportunities together no matter their origin or need.  In fact you enhance unity and harmony amongst others with the way you bring them forward to join together for a common reason and you love to celebrate the results of this ‘joining’

With your love of gathering you are a natural hostess who always ensures all her guests are well cared for

You are able to hover in space and time just like one of your totems the dragon fly but can also see beyond the illusions that others get misguided and confused by.  This means you have a great sense of clarity and vision for others, but not always for herself so you do need to be careful not to get caught up in the illusions of your own life

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