Welcome and thank you for requesting to meet with me. Before our meeting please complete this online marketing audit at least a day before our scheduled meeting.

The information you share is a great opportunity for you to get a clear understanding of where you are at right now and what you hope to achieve in your business.  It will also allow me to prepare and get a better understanding of where you are at and the goals you hope to achieve moving forward.

This is an important part of our meeting and is something we request everyone completes.

If you have any questions please feel free to email admin@creativepossibility.com.au and we’ll be sure to reply as soon as possible. I look forward to talking with you very soon


It is best to complete from your desktop or a tablet, not your smart phone.  The form is extensive and will take some time to complete so please allow yourself plenty of time.  If something is not relevant please put NA in the answer field.


    Your Key Contact Information


    Why did you start your own business?

    When did you start your business?

    How would you describe your business?

    What role do you play in your business?

    What are the three biggest challenges you are currently dealing with?

    What would you like to achieve by talking to me?

    Business & Planning

    Do you have a business plan that guides your day to day operation and includes long term business goals? YesNo

    What will stop you from achieving this?

    What are the key strengths of your business?

    What are the weaknesses in your business?

    Do you identify opportunities regularly in your business? YesNo

    If yes then please describe

    Describe any current threats to your business? YesNo

    If yes then please describe

    If you could start over what would you do differently?

    Do you have a Policies and Procedures Manual? YesNo


    What was your turnover last year?

    The year before?

    The year before than that?

    The growth trend over the past three years has therefore been at

    What is your projected growth rate for the next 12 months?

    What is the most profitable aspect of your business?

    What is the least profitable aspect of your business?

    What is your average sales value per transaction?

    What would be the average life of your customer?

    What is the lifetime value of your customer?

    What is your average Gross Profit % per transaction?

    How could you increase profits in the next 12 months?

    Do you have key initiatives in place to achieve this growth? YesNo

    Do you have overdraft facilities? YesNo

    Do you offer your clients credit card & finance facilities to pay? YesNo

    Do you use financial software packages in your business? YesNo

    Who are the financial decision makers in your business?

    Pre-Sales Enquiries

    How do potential clients contact your business? Walk inPhoneInternetOther

    Do you have systems / scripts / call books for all enquiries? YesNo


    Do you track all your conversions? YesNo


    Please describe your sales process:

    Do you have a set of standard sales letters / scripts? YesNo

    If yes, please describe

    Do you conduct regular sales specific training? YesNo

    If yes, please describe

    Do you up sell to your clients? YesNo

    If yes, please describe

    Do you cross sell to your clients? YesNo

    If yes, please describe

    Do you have any strategic alliances? YesNo

    If yes, please describe

    Have you ever initiated a joint marketing program? YesNo

    If yes, please describe

    Have you created a loss leader or given away free samples of your product / service?

    If yes, please describe

    What guarantees do you offer your clients?

    After Sales

    How do you maintain a relationship with your customers after they buy from you?

    Indicate which customer care initiatives do you have in place for your clients?

    How do you recognize and reward loyalty?

    Do you have a system for generating customer referrals? YesNo

    If yes, please describe.

    Who could refer customers to you for cross-selling opportunities?

    Do you conduct customer surveys? YesNo

    What is the process to respond to customer complaints and how are these recorded?

    Marketing & Advertising Promotion

    Do you have a written marketing plan? YesNo

    Describe your core target market:

    How is your product/service offering different to your competitors. What is your USP (Unique Selling Point)?

    What marketing materials do you have to promote your business?

    Do you use non-traditional advertising e.g.: eMarketing, sponsorships, car signage? YesNo

    What marketing mediums do you use and how much do you spend?

    Would you describe these marketing mediums as effective in reaching your core target market YesNo

    How do you measure the effectiveness in terms of ROI on your marketing spend

    In what ways would you like to improve your marketing initiatives?

    Do you have a website? YesNo

    Clients Without Websites

    Have you thought about creating a website for your business? YesNo

    What would you describe as the benefits of having a website?

    What has prevented you from creating a website before now?

    Which of the following would you like to see in a website for your business?

    Do your competitors use a website?YesNo

    Please provide an example website addresses.

    Clients With Websites

    What is the overall objective with your web site?

    Is your web address on all of your marketing materials? YesNo

    Do you segment your customer database by customer profile, product purchase type? YesNo

    Is the information presented on your website static or dynamic?

    When was your website last updated?

    How does your website compare to your major competitors’ sites?

    How could you improve your website to make it more effective?

    Is your website mobile responsive? YesNo

    Does your website include eCommerce i.e. an online store 24/7? YesNo

    Would this be of value to you? YesNo

    Do you have an auto-respond feature on your web site for product and service information? YesNo

    Do you regularly collect testimonials and display them on your website? YesNo

    Are you using any lead generation strategies from your website? YesNo

    Do you analyze your website traffic, in particular, number of visits, number of sign-ups, key-words used for finding your site? YesNo

    Database Management

    How many clients are on your database?

    How much have you spent to build your database?
    (annual overhead + annual advertising and marketing) x years in business = total spent

    Is your database on your computer? YesNo

    Do you use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to track the relationship/business dealings? YesNo

    Are you actively categorizing and profiling members of your database? YesNo

    How often do you update your database to ensure all details are current?

    Can your customers update their details via the internet? YesNo

    Do you record every enquiry on your database even if it is not a sale? YesNo

    Your Team

    How many staff do you employ?

    Describe your company structure and staff positions?

    Do you have job descriptions for your staff? YesNo

    Do you set performance objectives/goals for your staff? YesNo

    How do you measure staff performance?

    How do you manage staff performance?

    Do you have weekly staff training? If so please explain. YesNo

    How do you motivate your staff?

    Have you ever introduced an incentive program? YesNo


    Do you have a structured recruiting process? YesNo

    How do you advertise available positions? Do you consider these to be effective?

    What challenges do you face in recruiting the right staff? How would you want to improve this process?

    Do you have a standard staff questionnaire to track staff satisfaction and receive feedback/ideas for business improvement? YesNo

    Time Management

    Do you create structured ‘To Do’ lists for yourself? YesNo

    Do you create ‘To Do’ lists for your staff? YesNo

    Do you prioritize your tasks and do them in order of priority? YesNo

    Have you identified the time of day when you are the most productive? YesNo

    Do you allocate 5-10 minutes first thing in the morning to confirm and clarify your daily schedule? YesNo

    About You

    Do you have written goals? YesNo

    Would you call yourself an entrepreneur? YesNo

    Have you ever worked with a consultant / coach before? YesNo

    What are the 3 most important results you want to get from talking with me?

    Marketing Audit Action Points

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