Marketing Strategy Basics #1 – An Opt In Form

In the first of what will be many marketing strategies today I’m sharing with you one of the very basics that you really should consider to capture and stay connected with potential clients and it is an Opt In Form (AKA a Sign Up Form / Box)
Anyone who spends anytime on the internet these days will be very familiar with them.  Basically this is a box you put on your website with a name and email field and a special free offer to your web visitors.  You could offer them an article you have written, an audio message, a Youtube video, a special report, or an e-book.  Most holistic and / or creative business owners do NOT go the extra mile to create something like this and they are missing out on a critical marketing strategy because most of your web visitors will NOT buy right away
They are window-shopping; they need time to think about it.  If you don’t collect their name and….

email, you have just lost them.  You want to get them on your email list so you can stay in touch with them and build a relationship.  This is done through offering a high quality information product with a strong call-to-action at the very end of it.  Then you can send an automated follow up email messages called auto-responders to your mailing list that shares tips, resources, and educational messages either in the form of a monthly news letter, your latest blog post or reasonably frequent messages with information that will actually be of benefit to them. Remember the goal is to build a relationship with your clients, not drive them away!
There are a few different (and great) tools readily available where you can create Opt In Forms and manage your email lists.  I personally use aweber, but please do your own research and determine what is best for you!

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