Marketing Strategy Basics #2 – Juicy Headlines in Your Copy!

Your copy, or the written content of your website and other marketing materials is often the first interaction your potential clients have with you. Therefore you really want to make sure that there is impact when they read the first part of whatever it is they are connecting with
Marketing experts say that the top 1/3 of your website home page is the most valuable ‘real estate’ on your entire website. This is the very first area that your we visitors will see and as in the everyday world this first impression does count in a big way!
Avoid simple and ‘bland’ information like your opening hours and credentials. This information is important but…

can be added to the content of your site or marketing piece.  You want to use the prime space to begin a conversation with visitors to your website or to those who pick up any of your printed material
The essential thing is to share with them the details of how you can help them!  Offer a solution to their problems or challenges, empathising with their pain and show them you care.  Obviously to do this you need to know your niche, or specialty really well so that the message is clear and directed to them.  If you are not sure what your niche is then opt in to receive the ‘Biz Success Tips’ and in the first tip I’ll share with you strategies on how to define your niche and why this is essential to your success
So review your headlines and make them juicy!

I’ll share more in the next tip about how to make sure the rest of your copy matches your juicy headlines and draws the reader in, making them want to stay on your website longer, read the other side of your brochure and hopefully connect and work with you

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