Marketing Strategy Basics #3 – Conversational Copy

In marketing strategy basic #2 we covered an introduction to ‘Juicy Headlines’ and why they are an important and basic stratedy for you to utilise!  I also promised to share more with you to help you to make the rest of your copy match those incredible headlines you have created
So the next thing you need to consider when creating your copy is to make it conversational. You can hire someone to write your copy but really, who is the best person to describe your business and what you do? you are! so write the same way that you would describe it to someone if you were having a conversation and you’ll be on your way to creating connecting content that will really engage your readers.
The aim is to…..

start to connect with your readers in your marketing materials.  You want them to get to know you at this early point, not wait until you start to work together When you do get the opportunity to talk with your readers think how much better the experience will be for them and you when the conversation you are having already feels authentic.  If they are used to the way you write and it’s been conversational, your readers, when they do speak with you, will feel more comfortable, most likely that they already know you!

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