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Ever wondered what impact your natural styles of communication, your beliefs, your way of engaging and sharing have to do with how you market?

Let me tell you these things have a lot to do with how you market and promote yourself and your business and a hell of a lot to do with the engagement and conversion you get.

If you’re not clear about who you are you might show up and be marketing in all sorts of ways that could actually be turning your clients away.  It’s probably not even something you are doing deliberately.

Below is a piece from an article about Marketing Styles I published in the March issue of my magazine Totally Thriving to give you some background to discovering the answer to What’s Your Marketing Style?

If you want to know more than come and join me on Tues 29th March for my free training webinar where I’ll be sharing a whole lot more on this topic as I share in the video below.

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What’s Your Marketing Style?

(first published in Totally Thriving magazine March 2016)

To celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8th I wanted to think about Marketing from a feminine perspective and asked the question “how do we, as women, market and promote ourselves and our businesses?” and “what does that mean?”

Instead of asking for your Q’s this month I decided to give you a sneak peak at some of the content I have been working on.  In preparation for my new training program, Market To Thrive, launching in April, I’ve defined a list of marketing styles that I see commonly expressed by women.

Each style has it’s challenges, but when given the chance to understand, align and re-frame your landscape of marketing, any marketing style has it’s merits and the potential to be your path to thriving.

As a woman in business you cannot ignore the need to market and promote yourself and your business.  I truly believe that with the right foundations you can market to thrive and create a beautifully engaged audience of people ready and willing to devour whatever products or services you have to offer.  How fabulous would that be?

Let’s meet four of the “girls”!

Confused Connie

Poor old Connie; She’s one very confused business babe!  When it comes to marketing and promotion all that happens is Connie gets confused.

Unlike her cousin Overwhelmed Olivia, who has some confidence with what to do but gets stuck with the sheer amount of action she thinks she has to take, Connie just doesn’t know what to do at all.  When she even thinks the word marketing she gets confused.

As Connie see’s it, everyone seems to know what to do and do it sooooo well. Not Connie.  Connie is just plain confused.  What happens when Connie’s confused?

She sporadically shares offers, posts random, mixed message stuff all over the place, can’t get her head around ideal clients or how to connect with them and actually gets confused about her services and products.  She’s just confused.  What happens when Connie’s confused?  Nothing!  There ain’t no space for anything in a confused head and heart 🙁

Abundant Anna

Gives generously of her time and gets that value is such an important aspect of sharing her clear, well defined message.

Anna actually loves marketing, it’s something so effortless for her as she understands that showing up and building relationships is key to her success.

She’s a bit of a networker and will always connect people who she knows are going to make some magic happen when they meet.

Sometimes Anna gets caught giving just a little too much abundance in the world.  It’s a fine line between giving, allowing herself to receive and being clear about her boundaries.

Fearless Fiona

What this lady has in spades is a passionate ferocity, which makes her totally fearless with her marketing.

She’s a keen learner and loves to see what’s happening in her industry and where her clients are hanging out and she’s not afraid to take a risk and do something different.

Sometimes Fiona’s willingness and determination get the better of her and she can, at times, come across a little domineering with her fierce passion and focus.  Some may call her the scary marketer (but she really means well)!

Sneaky Shelley

Shelley gets herself in trouble all the time.  She’s often accused of doing a “dump and run”, posting salesy offers and the like where they are not meant to be.  She’s learned her marketing by reading lots of quick impact type resources and now believes sales are key.

Building relationships?  Who has time for that?  I’m all about getting my stuff as far and wide as I can baby and that’s what it’s all about.  The thing is, Shelley does sometimes get some traction which makes her super happy because all of those sneaky tactics must be working (and that means she can let Abundant Anna know that she’s not the best marketer around)

Hope you enjoyed my playful (but oh so real) take on marketing styles.  I’ll be revealing all in a webinar on March 29th – would love to see you there!

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