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Hi there small business superstar!

Instead of being overwhelmed with all the marketing you need to do for your business I hope you are getting some great tips from this series I have written to address the issues I see small business owners getting caught up with.

Over the last few weeks I have shared with you my ideas as to the top 5 things as a small business owner you are doing that are creating problems for you in your marketing.

They were

1.  You Are Overwhelming Your Audience (and yourself)

2.  You Are Spreading Your Message Too Thin

3.  You Aren’t Targeting Your Message To Your Ideal Clients

4.  You Aren’t Measuring Your Marketing

5.  You Are Making It Too Hard For Anyone To Take Action

In today’s article I’m going to explain the fourth of these problems and show you how you can measure your marketing and boost your ROI by doing so!

measure your marketing and ROI | business coach PerthTime To Measure Your Marketing

When was the last time you knew exactly what return on investment (ROI) came from a marketing strategy you implemented?


Are you sure?

I don’t mean to sound doubtful but in reality it is not something small business owners do really well, if at all. Yes it can be hard to measure and it takes time to measure but the time and money it could save you in the long term is well worth it.

To measure your marketing is to be a proactive small business owner.  When you measure your marketing you can then more confidently make decisions about what brings you a better return for your investment.  So important and too often overlooked!

How can you know where to invest your marketing budget or your hard earned profits if you don’t know what is working.

Start with simple measuring. Here are some examples of things you can implement to help you moving forward as you begin to measure your marketing;

  1. On your contact page on your website add a “How did you hear about us?” option and list the key marketing strategies you are using. Be sure to add all the options and keep this updated. Here are some examples of things you could include

[checklist style=”green”]

  • Online search
  • Referral
  • Facebook ad
  • Newspaper ad
  • Radio ad
  • Attended an event you spoke at
  • Networking event
  • Magazine article
  • Expo
  • I get your newsletter


If you can be specific on another level and include the name of publications so you can see which ones are working for you.

  1. When you speak to a lead or referral ask, “How did you hear about us?” It is as simple as asking the question sometimes.  Be sure to keep track of how people heard about you by using a master list. I find an Excel spreadsheet easiest to track this data as I can then measure it more accurately. You really should be tracking your leads so it would just be another thing to add to your tracker!
  1. Survey your clients and ask. This is an extension of suggestion 2. If you haven’t been asking your clients where they heard about you then you could ask them now.  Think about 4 or 5 questions you would like to ask your clients (the feedback is something I call your marketing gold) and include a question asking where they heard about you. Yep it is that simple!
  1. Use codes on all of your links to your services and offerings on your website. Something as simple as using Bitly to shorten and track your url’s is an ideal way to see what happens when you put an ad on Facebook or an article with a link to your website is published on another site or platform.  Check out for more info and to get started with a free account. (please note I don’t get paid anything to promote this, it’s just a cool tool I use in my own business)

Hope that’s been helpful.  Be sure to leave any questions you have as a comment below and I’ll answer them for you.

Until next time I wish you abundant, effortless success

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