How To Overcome Overwhelm (So You Can Get Back To Focusing And Using Your Business Brilliance)

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Overcome Business Overwhelm

One thing I find is a challenge for many business owners (and in fact people in general) is focusing their time, energy and attention so that they can get the results they want. I regularly hear stories from the people I meet at networking events and when I first meet potential clients where they share that they are doing a lot but either not getting the results they want, or they are feeling exhausted, uncertain, unfocused, unmotivated and they just don’t know what to do.

Any time I hear the words used above, or anything similar I know that someone is on or on the verge of overwhelm. My immediate reaction, as an experienced coach with a professional background in health, including time as a therapist, is to help them to understand a few key things about the state they are in. Awareness helps you to create solutions. Knowing what’s happening for you gives you insight and that is where the solutions can be born. My next response is to work with them to see what can be done to mitigate or resolve the cause of the overwhelm.

Depending on the situation and how deep someone is ingrained in overwhelm, the solution can take some time to implement but don’t be disheartened. Here are my favourite three tips you can implement immediately to get you refocused and back on track which also gives you more time to deal with the overwhelm and ideally to limit it’s impact and prevent it’s return.  It is about learning how to overcome business overwhelm.

1. Understand Your Response To Overwhelm

In most cases there are three classic responses to overwhelm. I have seen people respond in each of the two main ways as well as a combination of the two. When overwhelmed you will likely push yourself and do more, believing that if you just got on top of things (by working yourself to the extreme) you’ll be ok. This is something I refer to as the “frenzied state.” Alternatively you may go into something I refer to as an “arresting state” where you literally can’t do anything. The overwhelm is so big and so exhausting that you can’t do anything at all. Lastly you may go into a space where you alternate between both states – the frenzied or the arresting and that will probably leave you feeling like you’re spinning out of control and going around and around in circles. When you are aware of your response it makes it easier to recognise the patterns and behaviours before overwhelm takes hold and gets a chance to wreak havoc on you and your business

2. Take Some Time Out

Yes I know this might sound crazy and counterproductive but trust me when I say it is exactly what you need to do. I remember being very much the frenzied person at different times in my life and I am sure if someone had told me to stop and do nothing I’d have thought they were crazy. Overwhelm is more often than not a sign that you are not coping and you need a break. So rather than spinning around in circles getting no where take 15 minutes or 30 minutes and go outside, get some fresh air and some time out.

3. Write A Master List

I have, in the past, often heard people say “but I have to keep…. (doing / going etc.) or else I will forget!” To prevent you from forgetting or from fearing that the last big amazing idea you had might vanish if you don’t act on it now (this creates instant distraction and poor focus) get yourself a notebook and make it your master list. It can be the one place you write down all the ideas you get, the things you want to do, the goals you have, the solutions you identify, that great product you just know has to go to market. Once it is written down you have no fear of losing it which frees you up to get back to what you were doing and immediately limits the overwhelm by setting in place support for you to accomplish the 3-4 key things that are the priority for your day

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