Self-Doubting? Time For A Reality Check So You Can Overcome Business Self Doubt

business overwhelm creative possibility small business coaching perthSelf-doubt can be one of your biggest enemies in business. It can be difficult to know how to overcome business self doubt. It is something every one experiences at some time or another. For some people it’s a daily occurrence and for others it might just show up in specific situations or even in cycles. It can take a reality check to overcome business self doubt so you can get back to focusing on growing your business.

What happens when you doubt yourself is that you open up to a space of irrational thought, where you second-guess things, make incorrect assumptions and even feel like you are a failure. These thoughts can lead to you taking action (often there is also a lack of action driven by fear) that doesn’t support you.

Late last year I read a great article on that addressed this issue of self-doubt. Titled 12 Ways to Overcome Self-Doubt and Build a Profitable Business the article detailed 12 great tips for dealing with self-doubt. A couple really stood out for me.

Tip number 1 was “Know You’re Not Alone”

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, everyone experiences self-doubt. As the article states; “It’s isolating to believe that you’re the only one suffering from a lack of confidence. You’ll sabotage your success if you feel like an outlier.” It is also ignorant to believe you are the only one.

The thing about self-doubt and other limiting beliefs and thoughts is that we often don’t like to share it when it’s present for us, or we feel if we do that we will be judged and thought of in a negative way because of it. You might find people in your network are more understanding that you think they might be. I’m not suggesting you start sharing your self-doubt with clients, but find someone you can share with confidentially and ensure they are someone who ca

n provide the reality check you might be needing to see what is really happening.

Tip number 12 was “Face Your Fears”

I agree when the author suggests, “do not let fear or self-doubt dictate how you lead your personal life or operate your business.” Fear is so intricately entwined with self-doubt. Like comparison and competition, they can show up together to give you a double dose of whatever they are dishing out. The article went on to say that “People who are afraid to fail never move forward or grow, personally and professionally. The more you push yourself [forward], the more you’ll realise what you are capable of. Eventually, you may even be able to reverse the negative effects of self-doubt and use it to challenge your limitations and achieve greatness.”

With everything that has a negative charge, it is about evaluating, increasing self awareness and making decisions as to what to do to counteract the negative and transform it into a positive.

To add to the points above I have a set of 10 key questions to ask yourself when self-doubt rears it’s ugly head. The important thing is to take some time to answer them as honestly as possible. You don’t have to share the answers unless you want to, although I will say that if you have a coach or business mentor, you should be able to talk with them about what’s going on and to get help and strategies to deal with the challenge.

10 Questions To Ask To Overcome Business Self Doubt

  1. Why did I start this (business / project, etc)?
  2. What’s really important to me (your values)?
  3. What’s underlying the way I feel now (the route of the issue being experienced)?
  4. What evidence do I have (real, genuine evidence) that supports how I feel now?
  5. What evidence do I have (real, genuine evidence) that shows me how I feel now isn’t the whole truth?
  6. What do I fear the most right now, in this moment?
  7. What three things can I do right now to remind me what I have achieved and why I am doing what I am doing?
  8. What three things will I do tomorrow to support me?
  9. What three things will I do the next day to support me?
  10. What three things will I do any time I feel like I do at the moment?

If you’ve lost touch with your why and uncertain about your next step forward, know that your fear and self-doubt are likely driving you. Make a choice and make a change. Move forward with intention and with a big dose of self-care, acknowledging everything for what it is and for the potential it has to teach you something significant and powerful.

Until next time I wish you abundant effortless success (and remember to share your thoughts or questions in a comment below),

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