Overwhelming Your Audience | Small Business Marketing Mistakes

Recently I shared with you my ideas as to the top 5 things as a small business owner you are doing that are creating problems for you in your marketing.

They were

1.  You Are Overwhelming Your Audience (and yourself)

2.  You Are Spreading Your Message Too Thin

3.  You Aren’t Targeting Your Message To Your Ideal Clients

4.  You Aren’t Measuring Your Marketing

5.  You Are Making It Too Hard For Anyone To Take Action

In today’s article I’m going to dig deep to explain the first of these problems and to explain how you are overwhelming your audience (and yourself) with your marketing efforts.

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How To Stop Overwhelming Your Audience

Firstly let’s understand how you are overwhelming your audience.

How and why are always great questions


In an effort to provide great value service based business leaders tend to give too much. You get the notion of packaging and value adding to a point but what you often miss is that value adding isn’t about giving everything. It is about providing something that is perceived high value to your ideal client but is low cost in time and money terms, for you to create.


You are overwhelming by over giving because of a number of things.

You have a giving nature. You are a generous person.

Perhaps you want to be liked, valued and thought of as someone who provides high quality.

Perhaps you have a fear of being seen as a fraud or not good enough and therefore if you give all you’ve got you surely can prove otherwise.

You’ve got so much to give, surely if you don’t give it all you’re doing something wrong?

It could be a whole lot of other things too.

What to do….

The golden rule of thumb here is to keep it simple. In fact that’s not a bad rule of thumb for everything in business.

The first way to keep it simple is to pair everything back. My process is to look at what I want to include and then to halve it. That way I am forced to make a choice about what it really valuable for my clients.

(Remember that you need to understand the key issues or problems facing your ideal client and the solution they are looking for. If you don’t start there then no matter how simplistic your service or program is, it’ll miss the mark every time!)

People don’t want everything all at once.

This puts them into immediately overwhelm and when people are overwhelmed they tend to take no action. That can mean they don’t take action on the great information you have provided, or it may mean that they don’t even invest in what you are offering in the first place.

I hope that helps.  Stay tuned for another post soon addressing the second key issue with your marketing!

Until then I wish you abundant effortless success,

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