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When the time comes each month to roll out a new issue of Totally Thriving I get totally excited!  not only do I get to showcase some amazing women in business, but I get a chance to write more for the gorgeous people who are out there following and supporting all I do.  Here’s my latest offering, published in the May issue of #TotallyThriving digital business magazine for inspirational women entrepreneurs.

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People are the core of everything we do in business.  Without people you wouldn’t have anyone to create, design or make for, to deliver to, to teach, guide or mentor, to connect with, learn from, be guided by.  People are what it’s all about.

As a lifelong people observer I often say “people are my thing”, followed quickly by, “understanding them and helping them understand themselves totally lights me up.”  It does so in a really BIG way!

Having been coaching, mentoring and teaching business owners for many years now I can tell you I have seen and heard every version of story around “good” and “bad” marketing I think anyone could dream up.  It’s fascinating to hear what people have experienced, what resonates with them, excites them, motivates them and makes them want to go “yep, here’s my money, where do I sign?”

One thing I’ve also found fascinating is the people element of marketing, or the lack thereof at times. If we all understand that relationships are the core of every transaction, then why can we find it so difficult to connect with people at a people level.  Seriously, sometimes I wonder if anyone pays attention to the people?

Now I’m not referring to the many, many, many fabulous business owners I know who lead from the heart and are so, so people focused that it can actually get in the way of the way they do business.  I’m talking to those who focus on sales first, not service first.  We all see examples of this in the way products and services are marketed all the time.  Examples where it’s all about the sale and the entire experience is filled to the brim with tactics and all the stuff I would bundle into the bucket I call Repulsion Marketing.  I talked a little about that in last months issue.

So now we’re really clear what we don’t like, how do we market and promote ourselves and your gorgeously delicious products and services in a people focused way?

It’s relatively simple.  Choose to put people at the forefront of your message.  Think clearly about what’s important to you and let that inspire you to make a difference, to put something good, something that shows you care about people, into what you deliver.

Here are some of the ways that people focused marketing makes a difference to your ability to connect in a genuine, beautiful way, to create a little marketing magic, something I like to refer to as MAGNETISM!

1.  Understand Your Benefits
I may have shared this before as I love to talk about benefits, but regardless, it deserves to be shared again.  Benefits are where it’s at!  If you can’t clearly share the benefit of what you have to offer then it’ll be hard to get your ideal clients to understand why it’s important that they invest in or with you.

In the simplest terms a benefit is the promise that something will be different and better as a result of the investment.  Often people find it really easy to detail the features of something, but benefits are a whole different story.  (I’ve added a worksheet for toward the end of the mag to help you with this 🙂 )

2.  Be Relatable; Show You’re Human
People want to know more about who you are.  They don’t need to know all your deep, dark secrets, but it’s important for people to be able to relate to you.

I know when I feel like I “know” someone, it’s much easier to like them and to feel like I can trust them.  Heard of the KLT factor? (know, like, trust) Well it’s alive and well and at the core of people focused marketing.  It’s not a new concept, but it’s one that can be easily forgotten while you get concerned about how much to share and when.  Don’t hold back.  If you’re happy for anyone to know you then let them.

3. Just Have Conversations
Simply talking with others seems such an obvious thing but it too, can be a challenge.  Rather than thinking about what to say, how, why and when to say it, just have a conversation.

Reply to someone’s comment.  Answer questions.  Ask questions and then interact with anyone who answers you.  Think about it as having a “chat with a friend”.  Be generous, loving and helpful  Just have a conversation.

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