When small businesses experience hardship, it’s generally not due to lack of inspiration, motivation, and the best of intention. So to hear of entrepreneurs and people in small business unravelling because of overwhelm is quite devastating – particularly when I can pinpoint what could have helped.

Working in small business was a bit of an inevitability for me.

I am a third generation small business owner (from both my Mother and Father’s side) and spent my childhood observing the various machinations of family business. It’s given me a unique perspective and empathy for small business owners. My own business – Creative Possibility – has served as a platform to teach, coach, and develop businesses.

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From early on I voraciously collected and consumed knowledge. Throughout adulthood, that excitement for learning hasn’t diminished. Curiosity around ‘how’ and ‘why’ have always been prime motivators for me and I continue on a lifelong quest for understanding.

In its simplest form I am a Business Coach, but through my own business and personal growth, I realise I offer more than that.

I believe in the innate potential of people.

Creative Possibility provides cutting edge, innovative coaching and business development services. Through teaching new skills, helping business owners identify challenges, showing the overwhelmed how to gain clarity and the unsure to find confidence, I afford my clients tangible insight into their own mindset around money, marketing, effortlessness, and thriving amongst the crowd.

Ensuring your business thrives isn’t just a bonus, I believe thriving is an attainable necessity.

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I talk about thriving a lot. I mean it in a big way. I even named my business magazine after this philosophy: Totally Thriving.

When a small business owner realises their own effortless power, they thrive.

I know that you are at your best as a business owner when you have balance as a person– which includes spending plenty of quality time with the people you adore and doing the things you love – learning something new, reading in the sun, dancing with your children.

I practice what I preach and lead by example, which is something you can only achieve by having a strong, secure, considered mindset and a solid plan for your business.

Which is why the inception of my ground-breaking work with Personal Leadership has made such a positive impact on the lives of my clients.

I see you. And I see who you are in that incredible place where you’ve harnessed your potential.

Which is why I spend my life creating high value, personalised solutions that enable you to get there.

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I know you’re right on that cusp – ready to thrive – not sure if working with a business coach is the right choice.

So, forget the label for a minute and consider this:

  • I’m a teacher, trainer, speaker, award winning business woman and Amazon best selling author a couple of times over, a consultant, artist, therapist, writer, and mindset liberator. I’ve over 20 years experience and expertise in the fields of the arts, health and business. I approach your business spot fires with an ability to see the big picture while meeting you at the exact place you’re stuck and teaming with you to put those spot fires out for good
  • I’ll guide you to do what you do better – in a creative way, allowing you more time to live life well
  • I’ll utilise my twin tools of the Effortless Success Framework – a business and life planning tool focusing on self, business, wealth and growth – alongside my Personal Leadership Profiling framework, The Thrive Factor. We will map your innate strengths and you’ll learn how to use them with confidence and purpose

If you are ready for that, I’d love to hear from you.

Complete the Thriving Business Review and book a time to chat. That way we both know where you’re at right now. From there I’ll be able to help you understand your key areas of focus and talk you through the next steps to take.

What does thriving look like to you?

When I’m not supporting small business owners, teaching, leading, writing or designing, I am planning my next getaway. Travel is something that infuses my soul with more energy and excitement for life and business. If there’s also water involved – I’m there. I’ll spend hours in the summer months indulging my inner mermaid and gliding across the waters on my standup paddle board and I’m a keen PADI open water diver. The ocean provides a cleansing that helps me release and I often look down at my feet and wonder if I’d suit a tail!

Come Winter I’m headed inside to a local cafe to fulfill my other love; finding the worlds best chai latte. No excuse needed to try a spicy cup of goodness!

On any given day you can find me:

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Professional Biography

Shannon Dunn (formerly Bush) has a singular purpose – to bring effortless success to business. But how she delivers her unique method of coaching is diverse, inventive, and consistently refined in line with each individual client or company she serves.

Combining over 20 years of coaching, mentoring, educating, and consulting along with a childhood spent in keen observation of family business machinations gives her a unique perspective and empathy for small business owners. At the core, her own small business, Creative Possibility, provides innovative business coaching and strategy to her clients to learn new skills, identify challenges, gain clarity, and confidently create success. She’s a big picture business liberator with the specific gift of honing in on the small details – the best mix.

With her ground-breaking conception of the Thrive Factor – an archetypal profiling framework for women in business, she affords her clients a tangible insight into their own mindset around money, marketing, self-promotion, and standing out from the crowd.

An Amazon best selling author a couple of times over, she’s most proud of her January 2019 publication, The Thrive Factor and the transformational, permission giving dynamo it is. In 2019 Shannon has also launch Thrive Factor School and it’s foundational certification program teaching women in business how to expertly profile their clients using the Thrive Factor framework and principles.

When she’s not changing the very dynamic of struggling and up leveling businesses, Shannon can often be found practising a different kind of balance – on a SUP board on the water or spending time with her favourite young people, her nieces and nephew. Oh and if that’s not consuming enough of her time she’s on a mission to discover the best chai latte in the world, one spicy cup at a time!