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Facebook Video Marketing with Facebook Lives – Shannon Bush and Sarah Thomson

Welcome to another installment of the Effortless Business Events takeover of the Law of Effortlessness Podcast with your hosts, Shannon Bush and Sarah Thomson, continuing the conversation on all things Facebook video marketing for your business!

In this episode, number 65 on the podcast,  Shannon and Sarah take a deeper dive into video marketing. The ladies talk specifically about the impact of mindset when it comes to video marketing or your business, with common fears of giving too much away.

They also talk about what to talk about and share basic simple etiquette rules your viewers will appreciate. Want to know what equipment to use? they’ve got that covered too with a talk through the equipment you do and don’t need to get started with video.

Lastly, you’ll hear about the incredible and real results Shannon and Sarah experience as a result of using Facebook Live in their businesses as a video marketing tool. You’ll hear about the relationships it helps to build and nurture, as well as an increase in Facebook Likes, Follows, and reach with, as always, simple and easy things you can implement in your business right away and begin to see a great benefit from!

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to do a Facebook Live!

Pearls of Wisdom:

“You only need to be one step ahead of your clients.”

“The only way it’s going to get easier is with practice.”

“If you’re going to do a video longer than 5 minutes, let your viewers know so they can allocate time.”

“Doing these videos on my Facebook page has meant that new people have found me and when we meet, they feel like they know me already.”

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