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Thank you for joining me on the Law Of Effortlessness Podcast as a guest for an interview or live coaching call!

This page has some important resources to help you to make the most of your appearance on the show.

First up, there’s a few things you can do to prepare ahead of time for your recording session. Please download and read the one page guide here >> Podcast Guest Welcome FAQs

Then, once the show is recorded the Creative Possibility team will be in touch with a timeframe to let you know when the episode will go live. It can sometimes be within the week, othertimes it may be a bit further away.

Ashleigh, the Creative Possibility Online Presence Manager (which means she’s your go-to for all pod related queries and support) will be in touch again when your show goes live with all the links and graphics to share so you can get promoting and leverage the appearance and your chat with me. You definitely want to pay attention to this as it makes me very sad when the guests I have on the show don’t make the most of the opportunity it creates to showcase you and your brand!

If you need to you can contact Ashleigh via email

In the meantime you may also want to download theĀ one page guide on promotion!

>> Making The Most Of Your LOE Podcast Interview

Look forward to chatting with you soon šŸ™‚

Find out more about the Podcast and access recent episodes both on the Law Of Effortlessness Podcast page and individual episode pages on the Creative Possibility blog.