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In the June July issue of Totally Thriving we’ve got the very fabulous Katie Wyatt featuring as our cover girl.  I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Katie in person at the Artful Business Conference in May this year after getting to know her online and she’s as fabulous in person as she is online.  Just love this beautiful mumma’s energy and determination.  She’s a fellow #smargirl and #ladyboss in her own right.  I’m sure you’ll love her interview.  If you’d love to read the full feature, grab the latest copy of Totally Thriving digital magazine for women in business here.

What I love about being a business owner?

Having my own business is something I’ve wanted for years and never managed to get past the planning stage, so in some ways it’s like this gorgeous proof of my own ability to achieve a massive goal. I love to come up with ideas, execute on them quickly and make money doing it, plus the opportunity to create community and connect with amazing women is second to none.

My business is also – and this was completely unexpected – my creative outlet. It’s so much fun and I feel at my most creative when playing in my business!

The one piece of advice I wish I’d been given earlier

I definitely wish I’d known how to make money fast before spending so much!

My usual day

I have 16 week old twins and I’m the mum of 3 boys – there IS NO usual day! But I also love diversity. A perfect day for me is one that allows me to have time with my babies, take my son to school, cook a healthy meal AND get a solid 2-3 hours of work done in the business. This is totally possible, it just requires good weekly planning (and babies that sleep when they’re supposed to!). Oh and my perfect day also includes a podcast interview, because they always put me on a total ladyboss high!

My top 3 tips to thrive

#1. Find the thing (and it can just be one thing, like I did with my podcast) and commit to doing it consistently. Treat it like you’re being paid $1000 a minute to do it. And stay on course with it – don’t get swayed into other places because someone said it was the thing to do.

#2. If you’re not making any or consistent income in your biz, and you struggle to, stop, drop and talk to at least 5 ideal clients. TALK, not survey. Get to understand them, connect with them. It’ll give you a total high and love for your work AND you’ll get great insights to help you sell better offers.

#3. If you’re booked out and still not where you want to be, it’s time to transition your business model and think about the next step – whether it’s group coaching, a program, a membership site, whatever, growth and scale doesn’t come without change!

My core message

It’s not sexy but it’s about consistency (again) and ACTION.

Read the full feature with Katie in the latest issue of Totally Thriving Magazine here…

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