The Power Of Positioning Your Expertise

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Why Should I Position My Expertise?

Positioning your expertise can sound and feel lke an overwhelmingly difficult thing to achieve.

I’ve often been asked “why should I position my expertise?” and heard “but I’m not an expert” or even “I don’t have much to share!”

Well these may be very valid concerns or questions or statements running around your head.  I have to say though, in all the years (dinosaur moment!) I have been working with, coaching and educating small business owners, I am yet to find someone who doesn’t have some degree of expertise around what they do for business.

Not one person!

So let’s just drop the “I don’t have any expertise” mindset and think about all the things your existing and past customers and clients ask you about.  All the questions, and often the same questions over and over, that you answer.

That, my friend, is your expertise right there.

So now we’ve established you do know something, let’s explore briefly why it’s important to own and share this “expertise” you’ve got.  Probably got in spades.

Ok, so you ask me…

Why Should I Position My Expertise?

First up I am probably goping to do an internal happy dance just because you’ve declared you have some expertise.  Next let’s get down to business.

Your expertise – the knowledge and experience you have.  The skills, information and advice you can apply and share.  All of this is incredibly valuable because your customers and clients are looking for and to someone who knows more or different to them.

They are out there actively looking for a solution to a pain point, issue, problem or challenge.

Or they are actively seeking to create a desire – to make a change or generate a new way of thinking, doing, being, living even.

Customers and clients, who are referred to as prospects or leads until they transact with you, are looking for these things.  They are looking for the thing you’re selling!  They want to buy from someone who can help them.  Genuinely help them.

That’s where your expertise comes in.  When you can give people clear insights into what you know and can do or achieve, your credibility increases and so does their willingness to buy from you.

That is one big reason to position (as in share widely) your expertise.

But how?

Expertise Positioning 101!

  1. Have a clear, succinct marketing message
  2. Understand all the things people come to you and ask, or want you to solve
  3. Publish hints, tips, blogs, video’s of you sharing the answers
  4. Share all of the content you’ve created across your primary marketing channels – think social media, website, other platforms such as the 24×7 online networking plaftorm LinkedIn, in interviews on people’s podcasts or summits or events, your own event, YouTube or Vimeo channel
  5. Keep sharing
  6. Be consistent
  7. Sort your mindset out so you don’t doubt your expertise.  if you doubt it, others may too
  8. Share some more!

And lastly, a tip that goes with every one of the above.  Let yourself have fun positioning your expertise.  Maintain your professionalism, but let your personality, and your magnetism shine thriugh.  You’ll find it easier to share and therefore to position your expertise, and others will engage with and learn from and share on your behalf more easily.  Then everyone wins!

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