The Problem With Marketing Your Small Business

I’m guessing that marketing your small business is something you are spending hours and hours doing each week.

I’m also going to guess that the problem with your marketing is that it isn’t getting you the results you want.

Am I right?

Here’s my thoughts as to why.  It comes down to 5 key issues.

The Problem With Marketing Your Small Business

1.  You Are Overwhelming Your Audience (and yourself)

2.  You Are Spreading Your Message Too Thin

3.  You Aren’t Targeting Your Message To Your Ideal Clients

4.  You Aren’t Measuring Your Marketing

5.  You Are Making It Too Hard For Anyone To Take Action

These issues are the problem with marketing for small business and are issues I see over and over again.

The great thing is that most have simple fixes so over the coming weeks I will share exactly what those fixes are. When you take focused action and make small changes you will see better results.

At the end of the day your marketing should not be able the problem with marketing.  Instead it should be about the solution that marketing has the potential to create for you and your ideal clients.

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