Recipe for the Visionary Creative Goddess in you…..

PictureJanuary has certainly been a month of vision for me and I know for a lot of others in my life.  It has been a time where there has been reflection over the past year and intentions set, resolutions and decision made for a vision for 2011.  I hope that some of what I have shared over the past few weeks, including last weeks method for setting your own big abundance goal (B.A.G.) has helped you to start the year with clarity and vision?

In today’s Monday Motivator Message and after last week’s look at abundance the focus is on the creative.  I’m going to share with you a bit of a recipe that you can use to inspire the Creative Goddess within to create your own vision for 2011.  I love the image I’ve included today because for me it’s a beautiful expression of colour and it’s also very feminine.  When I look at the beautiful face pearing out it makes me feel open and expansive, alive and free.  It inspired me with this week’s webinar as well as today’s post.  Now you could get into some face and body painting to connect with your inner Creative Goddess if you like, but here’s a little something a bit less ‘in your face’ so to speak….

Visionary Creative Goddess Recipe

The intention of this ‘recipe’ is to enable you to have fun exploring your inner Creative Goddess!  I wish you lots of laughter, lots of self love, lots of creative expression and lots of authenticity and abundance as you go through the creatip for today

The main dish
List the top 5 things you are ready to embrace this year to make 2011 your best Creative Goddess year yet;

The side dish
List an extra two Creative Goddess things that you loved from last year that you can’t live without because you know they are just so good for you and make the ‘stuff’ above even better;

The dessert
Look at everything you have written thus far and then ask yourself the following question, “What makes my Creative Goddess heart sing?” and list as many things as you can.  I always think it’s best if you close your eyes before asking a question like this and let your imagination run wild.  You might find inspiration in things you have experienced in the past or new exciting adventures you’d like to try.  Here’s some space for you to list all those yummy juicy things you thought of;

Extra Ingredients
A mirror, paper, markers / pencils / crayons, old magizines if you love to collage, scissors and glue

Get your mirror and look closely at yourself.  Look for the Creative Goddess within and then read over all of the wonderfully inspiring things you have written.  Now get yourself a big piece of paper.  Draw an image to represent a mirror (don’t worry about what it looks like… it’s the intention that is most important, not the artistic ability you have.  Just trust that it will be perfect as it is) and then add all of the details in your lists and reflections inside the mirror.  Decorate your mirror with lots of colour, symbols and shapes you love.  You can even use some old magazines and collage the mirror with images that inspire you

Next turn the page around (it’s a bit like stirring all your ingredients) and look at it from different angles.  Do things look a little different at each angle?  Perhaps something specific stands out for you at each turn.  (Hint ~ Pay atention to these things; they are probably standing out for a reason and I think they’ll help you with your connection to your own inner Creative Goddess this year!)

When you are finished cut out your mirror, the vision for the Creative Goddess that is you, and stick it somewhere you can review it daily so that it continues to inspire you to live your Creative Goddess dreams!

I’d love to see what you create so please remember that you can always add a comment below to tell me how you are connecting with your visionary Creative Goddess this year or if you’d like, send me a picture!

Happy visioning

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