The Self-Acceptance Path

When I was writing my book I found there was so many things I wanted to share that it was a bit of a challenge to work out what was essential to include and what I could leave out for future books in the Personal Leadership Style series.

One topic that was essential to share was that of self-acceptance.

It was important to me to share about this as no matter how confident and successful you are you can still have issues accepting yourself.  There are a number of key thoughts or beliefs, all associated with certain actions and behaviours that map out a path of self acceptance.  When you accept yourself you shift from “I am not enough” right up to “I am more than enough.”

This coming Friday I will be presenting at a new event I’m co-hosting with some inspiring colleagues and friends.  It’s called Free To Be Me and is a day filled with high quality content shared to inspire you to experience more freedom in your life, your relationships and with your money and sense of abundance.  I’m going to be sharing deep insights into the Self-Acceptance Path (as represented in the image below) because I want women like you to be able to know what it means to accept yourself and live, choose and act from the space of “I am more than enough.”

Self-Acceptance Path

Sometimes the first step to making changes that bring you greater freedom, happiness and success is awareness.  If you know that you are more of an “I am not enough” kind of woman then that’s your sign that it’s time to journey along the self-acceptance path.   Personal leadership is about making a committed choice and taking committed action.  Are you happy to settle for a life of not feeling enough (not good enough, not clever enough, not fit enough, not funny enough…) or are you a woman who is willing to make a choice and take action to become and know deep in your heart that you are more than enough?

The choice is yours…

Until next time I wish you a limitless life filled with succulent, effortless success


p.s. let me know what choice you’re going to make by adding a comment below!



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Shannon Bush, the Creative Possibility Coach and best selling author or Personal Leadership Style: How To Lead Your Life With Effortless Happiness, Confidence And Purpose, connects women to deep self understanding and acceptance by uncovering their unique Personal Leadership Archetypes.  When you know who you are you know your natural strengths and how to use them in your life, your career or your business to take back control, make confident choices, create valuable opportunities and live with greater ease.  Dare to believe in you.  Dare to be the leader of your life and watch succulent, effortless success flow your way.

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