Engaging Customers Doesn’t Just Have To Be About New Customers

Tired Of Looking For New Customers?
Are Your Staying Connected With ALL The Customers Already In Your Business?

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Every business owner wants to know the strategy for engaging customers.

It’s been a month or so of very interesting conversations with small business owners in my network, including clients. I frequently find themes in these valuable interactions and recently there’s been an enthusiastic desire to attract more clients.

Reality for every business owner is we all need a regular stream of new customers or clients. It’s equality a reality this can be the biggest consistent challenge you face daily as a business owner.

I’m all ready to jump in and provide practical strategies to attract more customers, but I have found myself also bringing people back to something I see being missed. Missed all the time.

The question to ask at this point is “are you picking the low hanging fruit in your business?”

Let me explain why I ask, starting with what low hanging fruit refers to and why it matters.

Low Hanging Fruit by #businessyoda definition, is the easy pickings in your business. When I think what that might be I instantly think past and current customers and clients. It’s about engaging customers – or if you haven’t stayed in touch, re-engaging them

Why though? let me explain.

People you have already worked with already know you.

They probably also like you.

And you have built trust with them.

So the barriers (not a fav word of mine, but we are talking, things that could get in the eay) to them working with you again, or referring someone your way are lower than if you’re in the process of nurturing a prospect (someone looking for what you’re offering) along the steps to become a customer or client.

It takes a lot less energy, time, effort and expense to

  • re-engage a past client
  • offer them a new service or product you didn’t have when you worked together previously – be mindful the new offering MUST be of value to them before you share it
  • support these awesome people to refer to you

than it does to engage someone completely new into your business.

So how do you make this happen?

“Customers are assets to be cared for and nurtured” – Jeanne Bliss

Watch my recent Facebook Live about this very topic here!

Great question.

Here’s my top tips for reaching out and connecting with the low hanging fruit in your business

  1. Pick up the phone and give them a call
  2. Send an email to say hello
  3. Host a casual social event and invite a few people you know to join you
  4. Create a purposeful, value driven campaign to stay connected to past customers and clients (all of the above 3 steps are great things to include in your “campaign” BTW!

The most important part of the communication is to genuinely enquite how someone is and to ask if there’s something you can help them with.

Remember, these are people you know. You have worked with them. They’ve bought from you and possibly referred to you. Be personal and remember above all else, #peoplebuyfrompeople so be a human in your interaction.

With the number of sales pitches and all the repulsion marketing out there, be the person who stands out because you genuinely care. Let that lead the way and (in my experience), the rest of it becomes more effortless. Definitely magnetic to just be real and show you care.

Hope that helps? If you want to hear me chat about this in a short video I shared a Facebook Live on my business page recently. Have a watch.

p.s. the term “low hanging fruit” has been popular since the 1990’s and is often referred to as overuded business marketing speaK. I love a good cliche and can totally do a buzzword or four throwaround so I’ll keep using it 😉

Let me know what you think? what are you actively doing when it comes to engaging customers and clients you’ve worked with before?

When did you last reach out and say hello?

Comment below and let me know.

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