#SmartGirlMusings :: Insights From Leading A 6 Figure Business


It’s Totally Thriving (my very fav creative project, my digital business magazine) new issue time and that means I got to spend some time with my #smartgirl twin Swapna Thomas to record a new issue of #SmartGirlMusings!

This month Swapna and I thought that we would turn our musings into a bit of an interview.  When we chat we find that we speak about all sorts of things and there are lots of questions that go back and forth.

So Swapna put me on the spot and asked me to share some of my insights from leading a 6 figure business.   We talk about how it seems to be a pinnacle to aim for, for so many women in business, women we see regularly in the online spaces we spend time in.  The reality is that getting to this big achievement isn’t always what it is cracked up to be.  It takes work, it takes dedication, it takes investment in you and your business.  It doesn’t automatically lead to you being paid well and your business being profitable – unless you set your business and life up to allow that to happen.  We didn’t cover that much in reality, as we are committed to a short chat to share our thoughts and insights with you, but we certainly jammed a lot into our conversation, as we always do.

Hope you enjoy and please leave a comment on my YouTube channel when you watch the video.  We’d love to know what you think about this topic.

Big love everyone!  See you next month with our latest episode

Shannon and Swapna xxxx

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