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Over the last few weeks I have shared with you my ideas as to the top 5 things as a small business owner you are doing that are creating problems for you in your marketing.  These things impact your efforts with marketing your small business successfully and therefore impact your sales and financial results on all levels.

They 5 things I identified were

1.  You Are Overwhelming Your Audience (and yourself)

2.  You Are Spreading Your Message Too Thin

3.  You Aren’t Targeting Your Message To Your Ideal Clients

4.  You Aren’t Measuring Your Marketing

5.  You Are Making It Too Hard For Anyone To Take Action

In today’s article I’m going to dig deep to explain the second of these problems and to shed some light as to how you are spreading your message too thin and therefore missing out hitting the mark with marketing your small business successfully.

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How Are You Spreading Your Message Too Thin And What To Do About It So You Know You Are Marketing Your Small Business Successfully?

As a passionate and knowledgeable service provider you know your stuff.

Stop being all things to all prospects. Create and share one targeted message per ideal target market. If you try to appeal to everyone you won’t appeal to anyone much because no-one knows who you are trying to talk to or connect with.

It might sound simple but you’d be surprised how often people are far too broad with their message and therefore spreading it way too thin. Selecting your niche market gives you the ability to pinpoint your target prospects with a specific message they know is for them and that they are easily motivated to act on.

A way to understand this is to listen next time you are at a networking event and attendees are able to introduce themselves and their business.

Let me share an example with you.

Last week I was at a great local event that attracts small business owners across a wide variety of industries. Some are at start up level and others are leading what I would call well-developed businesses. When it came time to the introductions I listened in and I have to say about 90% of the room were so broad and generic with their introductions I found it hard to understand anything they did.

Here’s two common versions of the introductions I heard (and please understand there is no bias or judgement on my part, the examples chosen are to prove a point, not to show I think anything positive or negative about these industries or businesses.)

“Hi my name is….. and my business is called….. I am a massage therapist and I do reiki and healing and I also work in events and marketing. I can help anyone who is looking for help. I really love working with kids and business owners”


“My business is ….. and we are specialists at helping anyone who wants our service. We can customise to make sure you get whatever you want. If you know anyone who wants…. then please refer them to us”

Instead stick to one targeted (= specific and succinct) message per target market. Not sure what that means?

Think about medical doctors. They’re brilliant at this (most of the time). The industry is geared to niching. Doctors become specialists and work with a very specific and often limited client group and work to treat one or a very small number of diseases or concerns their patients have. When you get sick or need surgery you want to go to the best specialist you can afford.

The key to understanding how to target your message to an ideal client is in the word specialist.  It’s niching, being focused and it will generate more clients if you do it right, not less!

Any questions, please leave a comment below.  Until next time when we explore the importance of a targeted message, I wish you abundant effortless success,

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