Stuck And Worried About How?


You’ve just got a brilliant idea for a new product or service.  It’s something amazing that you just have to share.  A big vision that you just know will be awesome.  You are all ready to take action and then something stops you dead in your tracks…..

Do you ever find yourself so stuck and worried about the how that you don’t do…….. anything?

You don’t take action.  You don’t dare to dream.  You don’t do a single thing

So often we get overly caught up in the how of things. Sometimes so much so that we get overwhelmed and confused about the next step to take.  So overwhelmed and confused that we can talk ourselves out of taking action and then we just do nothing, letting ourselves be convinced that it’s better to do nothing than live with the overwhelm and confusion that continues to know our confidence over and over. Sound familiar?

I’ve heard many stories over the past couple of years about women just like you and I who let the how literally get in the way of them birthing their dreams.  I want to let you know right now, right here, today that you don’t need to spend so much time focusing on the how

Where could you focus then?

Your energy is better spent focusing on your future vision, the end product, your dream AND taking action

I know I’ve shared this before but I’m going to say it again.  Your mind does not know truth from reality.  It knows what you feed it by way of your thoughts, imaginations, feelings and experiences.  Feed it great content and it’ll be a fabulous support as you journey closer to bringing your dreams to reality and a brilliant motivational tool when it comes to taking action

Remember, just one little step forward every day equals one giant leap over time!

What do you dare to focus and take action on today?

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